The nice little puppy

Here we are, maybe 8 weeks old and about 8 -10lbs, however our Vet says it could have Anatolian Shepherd or German Shepherd genes and could grow to 70lbs ! so about this size at 4 months

So far so good!

Then as we progress it will be like this one at about 2 years

Very nice ……… but if there are other genes ?????

So apart from those joys to come, today the intention is to GET OUT THERE and get some miles now that my hernia misery is over!

Not quite so good as I was late out of the gate. Only 12.35 in some nasty winds, although it was fairly warm but at least some got done and in this game there is always tomorrow.

Too windy today!!

With progress this slow on the world cruise, I guess I can stand back and be thankful that what I thought was a hernia seemed to be no more than a very painful blockage that came and went. I had visions of being in surgery and whatever that involved. Many thanks to the Universe for sorting that out. Just shows how frail we are. Warm and windy as you would expect with yet another Weather Alert for strong winds, what a surprise, but I made 23.19 further round the globe so can’t complain.

A bit better today

My intention is to get 50+ miles this weekend if that bloody wind will give me a break but of course that may not happen! Some good progress today with 31.45 for Saturday and a bonus of getting the gazebo up again + I managed to cut the grass and remove the Russian Vine dead foliage.

Sunday morning and the wind from the South ? Bit strange normally East becoming West. Currently swung round and now West. Warmish, so better get out there while conditions are good. Weight now seems to be stabilizing at about 168. Currently on track for 400 this month but I would like a few more, if I and the weather can get our act together.

Odd ball winds all day but I pushed on and hit 32.75 for the day and achieved my target. Well now we are 1/2 way through the month and looking for the 400 target which sounds reasonable at this point.

64 miles for the weekend, that’s more like it

Need to do a few things on the Jag today with some boot/trunk things and try my “super polish” and see if it really is that good.

A few treats in store

More on this as it continues ………


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