After a DRY day and a lot of weeding now is the time to get ahead before Thursday’s departure for Casper. First up final cleaning and tart up on those bays, finish the front bed weeding, maybe the paddy field, and mow all the grass.


8 looks good


Nice clean 7


Safari’s home minus weeds

6 black bags of weeds and leaves later time to sweep off the slabs and then get strimming. Shade garden done, front lawn done, final weeding of front bed finished and another slice of the paddy field gone.


Front bed complete at last


Happy ice plants free of choking weeds


Today strim the side and back, another slice of paddy field, and take down a few annoying branches. All completed and a short test on the Cub to complete the day. Starts fine but won’t run, the good old pilot jet problem with our crap fuel!! That’s resolved, still ticking ??? maybe need to double bank that exhaust gasket ?

Non gardening today, its loading day and then 9 ball this evening. Bus is filled with water, coolant and oil good, and off for diesel and LP and back ready to load.



One thought on “STAYING AHEAD”

  1. Hi Tony
    Would you have any contact details for Trevor Kemp.
    I have one of the Yamaha TY frames like his & Bobs
    would like to discuss when built mods made etc.
    Kind Regards
    Dave Smith

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