The rather unpleasant 5″ of white stuff has delayed plans a little to go and get Superglitz but in the
interim I’m still waiting for the parts to arrive. Currently out there in cyberpostspace I have the 2 sets of Magical fork springs, the complete Majesty exhaust system, TY Mono oil seals, Fantic oil seals, wipers,
brake cable, some plugs of the B6HS variety for those four strokers and a couple of BR7EIX for the
Yam.  Interesting that these new iridium plugs should never be gapped? Need to order some genuine Doherty grips and some yellow heat shrink.

                      1 New NGK IRIDIUM IX Spark Plug BR7EIX # 6664.

Iridium IX Plug, 14mm Thread Size, 19mm (3/4″) Reach, 13/16″ (20.6mm) Hex Size,
Gasket Seat, Resistor, Removable Terminal Nut, Fine Wire (0.6mm) Iridium Center
Electrode, Tapered Cut Ground Electrode, .031″ (0.8mm) Gap, Heat Range 7

                                      Do Not Gap Iridium Spark plugs.
Brand New in the Box. In Original Packaging.

Post has just arrived and its the groovy brakes shoes today so it seems my research was good as
they look the same size and should fit. More snow tonight so no window to get up to Denver which is beginning to try my patience, still something to press on with when those parts arrive and a new
urgency creeps in.

Well today for once it was !

Meanwhile a lot more to pin down on the ITSA front and our first season. Would of course be nice to
know how many of our readers will be joining the fold, but like anything new or newish time will tell.
The first weekend is booked for Bull Hollow on June 9/10 so put that in the diary as FIRM. Of course
we will be using Casper and Fred is looking after our interests there. Another FIRM date September
1/2. Jimmy has been away at the Ahrma Buckeye event so that will be interesting to see how it went
and how many entries they had. I looked at the pre-entries and they had 9 from the MX guys and we
all know most trials riders just show up on the day, but that having been said I would be surprised if
they made anywhere close to previous years. Anyhoo, Jimmy and friends are doing Roswell with a
likely date now October 20/21. The Turkey Rock event is causing a little grief at this point but between
Ed and myself we may be able to get a date that pleases all. Tomorrow time to get around a table
with the Dolores Town Manager and see if I can light his fire.

If you are planning on trying the ITSA experience now is a good time to join at $35 compared to
Ahrma at $65. Our entry fees @ $25 are a lot cheaper than the Ahrma rounds so you will get to see a
lot more bang for your buck……… and of course some new sections away from the tried and true.
From a personal point of view when it comes to trials it is the results service which so often gets lost
or is not displayed in a timely manner, totally inexcusable in my opinion. Of course if you were there
then YOU know the results but for those that didn’t make it to the event it is infuriating to have to wait
for weeks in some cases to see what happened in the championships. Pop over to the ITSA site
and join now

More overnight snow and an interesting drive in the school bus acting as the “ice breaker” along
some of the county roads that had not been plowed. Back home and first success of the day with the
lady manager at Turkey Rock BLM and she has agreed to all my wishes and given us 28/29 July
FIRM !! 3 out of 5 and this afternoon I’m off to seek my audience with the Dolores Town Manager, only
30 mins to go …… better get my act in gear!

A fruitful meeting and he seems to think it will fly. The town is surrounded by BLM and USFS land but fortunately for me they have a very large combined area office just up the hill so a quick visit required
there to see if they can offer up any real estate that borders on town land.  These people were not that
helpful initially but eventually someone warmed to the idea and now there is a whole load of hoop
jumping and the mind is saying “is this really worth it ?”  While I was there another piece of land came
under my eye which looks as though it belongs to CDOT and is their dumping area….. this one needs
a follow up !

Back on the postal front my bits for the TY Mono forks turned up, as always Trail and Trials UK  do the
business and deliver on time at reasonable prices. Now time to see if these forks are as hard as
people make them out to be.

With 4 of the weekends now firm I’ll stick my neck out and say the Dolores event is a GO ! It will be
different thats for sure but as I live here I’m the only person on base that can make it work through
good offices, bribery or corruption or whatever else it takes………a quick look at the town and the route
I hope to use to the sections down Central Ave. On the morning of the event “we” will be joining in the
Town Parade as it will be “Escalante Days”….. I’m thinking we will be last and can then ride on down
the road to the sections


The sleepy little hodunkum town of DOLORES, with the Start and the run down Central Ave to the sections

The Start at 1501 Central Ave

Town center with the Hollywood Bar and the Brewery that you will fall in
love with

The Saturday town sections about a mile from the start

What I hope will be the Sunday sections in the CDOT area


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  • 1/29/2012 8:03 AM John Holbrook wrote:
    Hope the snow lets up so you can get up to Denver. The Dolores event looks like it could be a fun weekend. A trials in the middle of town what a thought!!!
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  • 1/29/2012 5:28 PM John Dowson wrote:
    Well in answer to who’ll be joining in the ITSA Mountain West fun I’m planning on making the Turkey Rock, Delores and Roswell events, cant do Casper this year as I’m entered for the Vintage Manx 2-dayer the same date. would be nice if some of you could post if you are competing to give us a rought idea on numbers! spread the word, we’re recruiting daily and hope to have some new riders to bring with us!
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    1. 1/29/2012 5:41 PM Tony Down wrote:
      You need to come to Bull Hollow ! Great piece of land. You will enjoy the Manx, tough but fair, my best memories were going up the 200+ steps by Douglas harbour…… nearly rattled your eyeballs out of their sockets with a serious Manx Hangover.  Well done on the recruiting, see you on the circuit.

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  • 1/29/2012 11:05 PM Chris Woolley wrote:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I have a Bultaco Sherpa T M191 which I am planning to ride in at least the Turkey Rock event. I was a little disappointed to see the obvious lack of AHRMA events planned for the Colorado region for 2012 and was hoping the ITSA would become active in this area. This sounds like it will be good and I’m excited to start riding vintage trials again. I rode RMTA way back in 79 on a Sherpa and I’ve done a couple AHRMA events but it’s been a while. I’ll be sure to say Hello at the event/events.

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    1. 1/30/2012 10:21 AM Tony Down wrote:
      Glad to see you will be joining us in the absence of any Ahrma events. I will pass on your email to the Sec, John Holbrook, who will keep you up to speed with all thats going on. You might want consider Bull Hollow near Monticello UT on June 9/10 and our trials school leading into the Dolores event on Aug 11/12.

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