Its wet, very wet!

But it is melting

No changes with constant showers and blizzard type snow bursts. The temps are still up there so the melt continues and the mud stays just as deep as the water struggles to find a way to seep down.

The snow continues to melt and more and more hidden Christmas decorations come into view. Another few days and I should be able to start harvesting all that is left.

Finally some progress on the weight front as 201.0 pops up for the first time …. I’m  hoping this will continue. It could also be mild enough for a ride but, the winds are starting to increase again so I’ll stay on hold until I see a green light.

Time for the duty “Spring Forward” so next up all the joys of changing clocks. No problems today getting my watch to move to the new time, just an expected battery change to come in April.

At last I stop wimping and get out there and battle against the wind and manage 13.54 before the cold gets to me, but at least I got some done even if I’m a long way behind this year by about 600 miles!

Monday morning and the snow (non forecast) is coming down in buckets and about an inch on the rail and its still dark with the time change. Dreary and miserable at dawn and now its a mix of snow and rain and looks like its here for the next few days.

My shoulder has been so sore that the rehab exercises have been out of the question as the pain is too much. Today at Rehab it was just heat treatment and muscle therapy, and don’t do the exercises unless it doesn’t hurt.

Today’s snow has now melted and interestingly going into Cortez this morning ALL signs of winter snow had gone!! Back here they are changing the forecast AGAIN and we are now looking at ANOTHER 2-4″ of snow Tuesday night.

Tuesday and now raining but I can see grass in some places out front and with impending doom in the forecast I have to get out there this morning, despite the rain, and pick up buried cables and lights.

Across the road there are emergency vehicles, fire engines, police, ambulances, a giant tow truck and all manner (3) power pole trucks and a host of pickups and walking supervisors. Out with the camera and see what’s happening.

The white slab side truck (under the yellow arm) ran off the road and hit the power pole

Uncle Tom Cobley and friends

Despite the pouring rain I manage to get most of the cables and lights out of the front beds and from around Scuffy. Finishing about 1800, still raining, my hat, boots, and gloves are all soaked as the snow is still 10″ in places and there are still some areas where the cables and lights are still frozen in.


More changes to the forecast again and now 3-5″ for overnight Tuesday followed by another 4-6″ for Wednesday daytime! Up around 0700 this morning and surprise, surprise 6″ on the rail and an even bigger surprise when I see one of our School buses go rolling by …… although I did see Curt’s bus running about 30 minutes late!

Good Morning!

Solid 6″ on the rail

Looking at “Scuffy” this morning I’m well pleased I got those lights, cables and the last of the Santakins cleaned up yesterday!










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