With many of the Hercules tasks successfully completed yesterday today should be relatively simple
so lets get the fire burning again and conjour up Phoenix out of those ashes once more. Today’s left
over mission is the electrical side of the house, new plug cap, kill switch and change the color of all
the breather pipes.

As SG goes Bionic into 2012 I’m able to use some of the leftover electrics and croshumic drive units
coupled to mamphletic self generating power sources so often seen in the construction of Austin
Powers “Fembots”. A whole load of spare parts came up on ebay the other day and I was able to get
the majority of the offerings at a good price.

A “Joan of Arc” model with a bit of fire damage !

A non working “Britney” but I always thought these were disfunctional

This one was used in the “sawing trick” but I got her half price !

A complete owner’s workshop manual

Another minor task that needs attention while I’m waiting for the tacky yellow paint to harden is the
rear brake mechanism which is sticking, most likely caused by the high speed ingress of sand ,grit,
and snow (now rust) collected on the wintery return from Checkpoint Charlie. Wheel out job or
frustration trying to fiddle fit.

After much research and trouble shooting it seems all the problems are caused by the new Magicals
on the Majesty mounts. That being said with the swinging arm fully down application of the brake
pedal rubs on the underside of the SA, however take the machine off the stand and with the extra
weight the SA moves up and all is well. Of course I could file off a couple of thou off the top of the
pedal arm just for the purists. While playing with the system I decided to buy some new rear grooved
brakes, and my lucky day they are $14.95 with FREE shipping. Mystery items that had been in
Colorado Springs and out for delivery all arrived today along with the OKO carb shipped on Tuesday.

Not much achieved today, but as the skiing forecast is crap there is always tomorrow and I can sit
by the fire and heat shrink the throttle cables yellow. Van Gogh got the sack and the number board
was repainted by Picasso using Hammerite and looks a lot better.

Throttle cables done in yellow heatshrink, TASK 9 COMPLETE

Number board redone in hammerite, thanks Pablo ….

I know that rear brake pedal is going to annoy me so that will be the No 1 task of the morning and
then I can move onto the electrics and rear fender/mudguard assembly. If I get all that done to my
satisfaction then I’m back in the waiting game again until the barrel and head come back. Of course
I can switch horses and drag the Cub over for some attention, reoil, change the clutch cable, remove
the side panels and fit a bigger rear guard.

Three on and offs with the brake pedal and eventually its all good and I can move on to the other
left over tasks from Friday.  First problemee is the kill switch rubber has gone as hard as a rock so
time to ferret around in the ignition box and fembot spares and find another one, its red ? maybe
some fembot part but its soft and works.

A new “red thingey” for the kill switch,  Fembot bit maybe ?

Now color co-ordinate the wiring in black/yellow along with the breather tubes and its on, functional,
and all cables out of the way. Last thing a new old style plug cap and another task is done. TASKS 6
&10 DONE

Ignition wire housed in the black, breather pipes color co-ordinated in

Black tubing all the way to the coil junction

Barrel connector slips inside the 5/16 tube

All finished off with a new Lodge style plug cap

Final project of the day is the rear fender/mudguard and am I going to use the brace or not ?  On the
face of it the brace would seem sensible but it may twist and distort the plastic so this will be a task
in two halves and I will see which looks better and is more practical. All  fitted and still unsure, I’m
leaning on the side of going without, but there again the plastic could rip out of its mountings so still
I’m undecided.

Brace fits  under the plastic

With the brace

Without …….. anyhoooo, TASK 5 COMPLETE

Final solution as I’m half decided, I’ll use half the bracket !

TONY DOWN      (Hercules)

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