The Title sounds like a Porno movie but is in fact father’s description of the four stroke cycle of ICPE.
So after further review of the first four rounds of the Ahrma Trials Championship it seems the only
logical class to ride in will be the Premier Heavyweight Expert division. All the others have somewhat
considerable head starts so I would be fighting a rear guard action and with only 6 contestable events
I rather suspect I would have once again been on the wrong side of the birthday cake with insufficient candles!

Down on candle power

Having just made the decision I haven’t told the Enfield yet and I’m quite sure the Cub will be very
upset but if other plans come good then she could get outings at Steamboat, the Ute Cup and maybe
the Canadian Vintage 2 Day.

Happy Enfield, on the other hand a sulky Cub

So with the “tool”decided on all that remains is to “get out there” and do something about it and get
over any reservations I might have on weight. The Enfield was last out and about in 2008 when it took
the Prem Int Championship with ease. At the time it was eating plugs but I rather fancy this was carb
related and I think I got that finally sorted last year so we will see how it runs when I have her out for
some light practice sessions.

Nice handling with tight turning

Uphills are fine ……. just big steps and logs make me think twice !

As I have said before the No Excuse Cub is such a delight to ride and does everything I ever ask it to
do. Whereas the Enfield is nearly 100 lbs heavier and although it handles and turns well, big steps
and log crossings always give cause for alarm as by comparison it is slow to repond. So far it has
climbed over things I didn’t think were possible but the “engine room” definitely requires some
advance warning if the front wheel is to be lifted.

Nice lightweight “factory” engine and gearbox at 120lbs !!!

Last question to be answered is should I change the front end or not ? Time will tell.


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