Buses parked for summer

School Bus Driving is now over for another year so time to plan how this year’s summer will be! Last year of course went anyway it could and followed none of life’s expectations. It was, nonetheless very enjoyable.

The big picture is next year will be the last full time bus driving year and thereafter I will revert to being a Sub and driving as required. This will enable us to do a few of the “Viking River Cruises” in Europe.



viking bild blog 2

Back to the present, its Friday and Day 1 of the holiday!  Drive the boat into Reliable Marine for de-winterization and summer checkup. Now into City Market and a giant fern for the shade garden. A few stops on the way home including the first of the summer’s tasty ice creams.


The fern becomes the 1st new plant of the season


Giant pumpkin from our Egg lady


NEW potting bench for 2017


These pansies have gone mad!

Last year when the manic cycling game started the goal was to hit 400 miles before my Doctor’s visit on June 4th. This year the daily numbers have gone up from the 12-14 miles a day to a daily average of 20+.  With an uninterrupted afternoon at my disposal 27.36 miles ticks over on the odometer giving a 2017 total of 1400.52 miles in the quest for 3000.

First sessions of weeding done while Brenda sets about cleaning up Scuffy for the summer season. Good job and certainly looking a bit more sparkling after winter’s worst! House side weeding of driveway complete and a lot of dead branches removed from the Shade Garden. Some plans for another water feature are in my mind’s eye.


Nicely felled ???

Today, Memorial Day, time to remove the debris from last year’s idiot who said he would fell a dead cottonwood. Well, yes he did, but that was all he did! Now I have to get MY chainsaw up and running and do the job properly.


Tree removed and area cleaned up

Hoping to get on the Rose Bed and finish the driveway for Scuffy’s entrance. Need to remove all the grasses and weeds in the rocks and then the two major front beds.


Serious weeding ahead

Priority for the day was removal of the tree for me, strim all  the west side of the property and get my ride done. Brenda aimed to finish Scuffy and top off with some plants. Everything we had planned gets completed and now I MUST turn my attention to the  Scuffy zone and get shot of those weeds.


Restored and looking GOOD

I suspect I’ll be weeding for a couple of weeks interspersed with routine maintenance but then I should be able to get some work done on the Beemer and the trials bikes.

Future plans include 4th July back at Groundhog, which we enjoyed last year, and maybe a few trials. That of course means getting the Safari up and running.


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