Today the plan is to visit the park where we got married and take in a band festival that should be
playing at the site all day. Brenda rings the number only to be told it has been canceled.

The cycling plan is now abandoned so time for a bit more Beemering in the Napa Valley. Lets hope
we can get on the road before Rosa Klebb arrives with that clipboard.

As the bendy road was so much fun yesterday we will take that northbound and look at some of the
smaller towns along the way and investigate some of the foreclosures which are everywhere in these
hard financial times.

Once again its hot and a bit more two wheeled activity on the super bends and clearly some of the
riders are very familiar with the route and the sequence.

Those bends again !

Just gorgeous

We view a few of the foreclosure offerings, and for the money, some are excellent value while others
have little to offer as they have very little real estate and nowhere to park RV’s and trailers. Within the
mainstay of Napa Valley and Calistoga in particular there is nothing to indicate there was ever a
recession and house prices are still at a premium.

Sold for $355,000 in 2005, your’s today for $104,000

Having seen what we set off to see Brenda needs refueling so we give the Brewery in Middletown the
once over and try a couple of their beers. Well at least they give you a “sampler” and surprisingly I try
their Pale with Blackberry!  Not dissimilar to a lager & lime from my youth.

Middletown’s Brew Pub and Pizza joint

The Napa Valley really is a beautiful place and with all the grapes, firs and sun dried burnt off grasses
it reminds me of all my years spent in Cyprus, my personal jewel of the Mediterranean. We pass so
many vineyards with a ton of grapes still on the vines and wonder whether any of them will make a
special “to die for” wine from the 2010 vintage.

More bendy roads

Grapes, firs and dead grassy hillsides just like Cyprus

Evening by a lake

A very warm ride into a setting sun back down the bendy road and now time to reload the Beemer and
attempt to keep it upright for the 1100 mile home run. This gets completed, and no sign of Rosa or that
bloody clipboard. Tonight will be a gentle cycle into town, a wander round those shops still open and
take in a little evening repast to wrap up our visit to this magical place.

Downtown Calistoga for the last time of this visit


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