Although Superglitz was built in Jan/Feb 2005 she didn’t get to grace the AHRMA circuit until the
back end of 2005 with rides at Casper and Albuquerque. With too many bikes in the stable I was
spoilt for choice in 2005 and never really stayed on one bike long enough to kill all the gremlins
and get the proverbial together!

Despite some fabulous rides in deep egg timer sand at Sandia NM I still managed to throw it
away and lose the tie break to my Nemisis, Rich Palmer, but on reflection after this event I knew
what a fantastic bike I had under me. Overall the AHRMA season finished on 103 points and third
place from my 6 rides.

The remainder of the season is spent on AZ trials and Superglitz does all that she is asked and
only got left at home once when the TYZ came out for a test run at Table Mesa.

Now 2006 is going to be a different proposition and I’m going head first into the Championship
with a determination that is becoming all consuming. The opener at Wittman has me in total
indecision and I can’t make up my mind on Superglitz or the newly finished Ossa. I only take the
one bike and it’s the Ossa which goes exceedingly well and takes the win on 2 from Rich on 4.

Day 1 Perris…. what a Great trial

A local AZ outing on the Yam and the decision is made that this will be the year for Superglitz!
A double win at Perris and I really have my “A” game on and things are looking good for me with
3 wins from 3 events and Rich Palmer having only lost 2 marks more than me in 3 events back on
2 seconds and a third due to tie breaks on age.

Day 2

Another “Don Smith” Day 2

I’m on Rails Today

Up in Colorado for some planting at our Cozy Comfort RV Park in June and a quick trip over to Bull
Hollow to take on the Rocky Mountain boys. Not quite so good on the first loop but then 2 stellar
laps to finish off with and a handsome win by 17 points…. great for the confidence.

Another can of A-Whoop!

Donner next in mid July and both Rich and I make the trip and also Dan Straka is there to make
it a 3 way duel. I lose a dumb dab on the opening section and then clean everthing else for 3 laps
until the last section where I lose another dumb dab just after the begins card. Rich looked like he
was heading for a certain 5 but miraculously got through for a clean and clinched it by 1 point.
Day 2, I have a clean card, whereas Rich took a 5 going the wrong side of a marker and then Dan
stalled his Honda for his 5 to tie with Rich. Rich loses AGAIN on the tie breaker as he is TWO days
younger than Dan! With 5 events completed out of the 7 scoring rounds I have 4 wins and a
second so I’m in with a very good chance.

Donner Day 1

Donner Day 2 in the Pines

Next event is Casper Wyoming and having had a great ride in 2005 I’m feeling reasonably
confident. Day 1 and I lose a respectable 8 that perhaps could have been 6 but Dan has a
barnstormer of a ride and finishes on a fantastic score of 5.

DAY 1, The Rivers at Casper

Day 2, and inexplicably I “5” the first section by stalling it going round a rock and then lose
another 5 further round the loop when a branch locks the rear brake and stalls the engine again!
The lost 10 cost me dearly dropping me to a lowly 3rd place with Dan riding well again to take
the lead and Rod Villand, fresh off a double win in Minnesota, slipping by me for 2nd. Well that’s
trials, and as second sucks what does third do?

Day 2 Casper and more Rivers

Sandia again and after running a beginners school in the morning I’m really on my “A” game and
have an uncontested event by myself losing only 5 to second place’s 32!

Sandia and one of my best rides EVER!

Return on Saturday to AZ for Alto Pit where again I’m in the mood and take low score of the day.
What a super weekend, wish they were all like that.

Having fun and best ride of the day Alto Pit

Back up to Colorado and another interesting ride at Moab where although I feel I’m riding some
sections well I also have the impression I’m making a real Horlicks of some of them. However the
loop scores don’t reflect this and I have a clear lead going out on the last lap which I actually

Last AHRMA ride of the year at Hollister and now the results are in from Dickson and Rod Villand
takes a first and a second giving him 3 wins, 2 seconds and a third compared to my 5 wins and
2 seconds. There are 2 more events in his neck of the woods, so he could also end up with 5
wins and 2 seconds and then its a tie break based on age and I haven’t got a clue how old he
is. So what’s to do at Hollister? If I ride and win, no problem, that would be 6 wins and a second
and he couldn’t catch me, ….. but if I didn’t win, then we might have to go through that tie break
and that would be really annoying …..or I could check and take the full 20 championship points
and although not the best way to win it would guarantee it for me. Taking it under advisement
I elect to check as I would have been a real pain on the way home if I hadn’t won. As it
transpired Rod didn’t ride the last 2 events!

2 more CAT events wrap up the season and at the last one the Tiger Cub was brought into play
to get ready for the 2007 assault on the Premier Lightweight Expert Class.

My Favorite Picture 2006 (Thanks Brenda!)

Tony Down         Superglitz wins AHRMA National Modern Classic Int Championship for 2006
Superglitz wins AZ Vintage Championship 2005 & 2006

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