While I’m still waiting to finish the Enfield my thoughts are already turning to my faithful old friend,
none other than Superglitz .  Superglitz was constructed back in 2005 as a MK II version of the
successful Glitzmobile that I had been campaigning in the Arizona CAT events and was my
introduction to the mysteries of Ahrma competition.

The MK I  Glitzmobile TY250A

Back then, thanks to a very lucrative business, I was living the lifestyle of Riley and finances were no
object. TY Yamahas were my “forte” and I must have built about 30 of them, usually giving them one
trials outing as a shakedown after construction and then selling them on if they were not going into
my stable.

2004, the then Glitz gets sold on ebay at the buy it now price so the MK II goes into production with
various planned improvements over the MK I. In amongst all the TY frames there was one that had
two rear shock points, the second being in the Majesty lay down position. Well as it has the two
options I can always swop back if I don’t like it. Various other bits are sourced from my ever growing
spares room and an undented clean exhaust system is selected and along with kicker and various
other bits goes off for chroming.

Superglitz comes back from the chrome shop with a babyglitz TY175

Early stages of the build on both

Superglitz in the build phase

An engine is selected, rebored and revamped with all the usuals and prepped for use. SM pegs
and seat unit is acquired, a bash plate and new carb and reeds from BJ Racing and the last OEM
front mudguard comes my way at a very cheap price. The slightly shorter Showa rear shocks are
going to be used along with my favorite Renthal bars. Magura levers and Domino throttle along with
all new cables, chain and sprockets and I’m about done, but then the angled shocks require a
Majesty chain guard.  Michelins on this one as a change from IRCs

Superglitz complete

A few more mods were added as time went on and Superglitz distinguished herself wherever she
competed winning many Championships along the way. So as we move into 2012 and the new
phase of competition with ITSA and Mountain West its time to revamp the whole machine with a
“new” look and a whole lot of new goodies.

 SM pegs and a Majesty chainguard  finished the job…… and now ?

Color wise I’m looking at that “retro” Yam look with the old yellow/black, and of course a whole load
of chrome and polished alloy. The goodies for the basic construction are now nearly all at hand and I
will have to see how this ebaying goes in terms of the saleable parts and what that will provide in
terms of performance upgrades. There may be a little “engine” breathing and big bore kit  along with
the exhaust. Rockshocks to replace the Showas and perhaps a Delorto. Not forgetting what is already
in the works with the TY Mono forks, YZ or IT front wheel and perhaps a Beta or Gas Gas front fender,
the “old” Renthals and some new Doherty grips…….. and maybe a whole new load of Xc-ting riding

Today I must make arrangement to pick her up and then the show can move on. Having spoken with
Ed it looks like Sunday will be the day and a clandestine meeting has been arranged at Salida so I
should have her home and in the shop by 7 pm, providing there is no more of that white stuff !


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