Perhaps I should have called this tagging a tig for a tiger ? ………. anyhooo, with the Cub parts back
from CA its time to start the rebuild, or not, as will be revealed in the text to come. Usually when
building a bike I like to start with a working platform and in the case of the Yam its put the engine on
the floor and then offer the frame around it. The front end then follows and its plain sailing from that
point on.

The reshaped bash plate and mounts

In the case of the Cub, with all its new parts it will be a backward forward sequence so first up fit the
new shaped bash plate and with that done remove the the lower engine mount  from under the

Lower engine mount to go

The mount is duly sawn off and engine offered to frame. Observation shows the bash plate bolts
are a little too long so they get shortened and while I’m about it I might as well clean up the saw area
and smooth it off with the file. A little black line appears ? ……. idle curiosity touches same with finger
nail and goes straight through wafer thin metal …………

Carefully sawn off leaving plenty of meat

……… and then it went decidedly wormy!!

Depressed of Dolores is immediately on the phone to the Guru to see what can be done. Seems
there are two choices, as with most things in life, either send the entire motor to Ray who will strip,
rebuild with new inner cases and return, or find a TIG welder to pop a 1″ square patch over the hole.
Easy says Ray, just turn it upside down weld on the patch, should take about 10 mins. Sounds
fantastic, depression lifts, and the quest is on!

One week later and zero progress although I have seen the inside of many welding and fabrication
shops. My next door neighbor is “Metal Megan” a lady welder who has a TIG but has never welded
aluminum. Other shops all give me the hard luck stories of how it will crack when it cools, while
others say they can do it but need the cases split apart…….. and of course a ton of “yes, there used to
be someone who did that…. think he moved to Texas”. Two more hopeful places for next week and
failing that should I be trying some of these new JB Weld products ? or one of these aluminum stick
welds that are a fairly new product ? Somebody must have one of these TIG things out there and can
use it….. its becoming difficult and trying my patience to the limit. Better turn my attention to another
phase and put the headstock bits back on………. and a final word on the subject so far


On the good news side the Rockshocks have left the UK and are in transit with Parcelforce. In the
past anything that has been sent with this service has arrived quite quickly so fingers crossed.

So with no progress a weekend of gardening begins starting with the lawn. Unlike previous years the
mower (Honda) fires up and battle commences. Next project, the pools and waterfalls which need
some cleaning, weeding and a leak repairing in the lower retention pool. Might be able to sneak in the
workshop and get a little more cubbing done if I’m lucky.

Weeds gone, pillar and debris removal begins

Meanwhile other pillars and balcony get painted by Brenda

A full day on the pools with mega weeding which needed mucho large rocks removed to get at the
roots and then with that lot gone time to get into the lower pool removing rock and debris as I go. The
crack is found and is “flex sealed” so the acid test tonight having let it cure for 24 hours. Some rebuild
to do on the pillar and reseat the pumps.

Crack located and final clean up begins

Will this flexseal stuff work ?

O’beer thirty is declared

Monday morning and go and see the welder who was away last week. Having heard all the bad luck
stories from other welders it was a pleasant surprize to find somebody with the same mindset as Ray
and the motor was duly left and I’ll be back within the hour to pick it up.  His comment when I relayed
all the other welders misgivings was “That’s because they don’t know how to weld aluminium”.

First leak ……..gone

……and then to add to my pleasure after rebuilding the pillar, walking the dogs, when I came in I saw
the parcel from the UK. Pretty good service, posted on 24 Apr and arrived on 29 Apr. So if they can
send a pair of shocks that quickly how come my son’s birthday card that I sent on 19 Apr didn’t make
it for his birthday today ??

Bouncing with joy as the new Rockshocks arrive on time

Tuesday morning and the acid test for the flex seal….. did it or didn’t it ?

As far as I can see it Did !   ……second leak gone

Projects …… projects…… projects  …..it never ends!


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