The Price is right

For the Vuelta Competitors its Stage 9, for me its Stage 4 Colon Cancer over which it appears I have Zero control. So how do I handle it without going completely insane? Please don’t give me any more of the “Quality of life” crap because that doesn’t sit too well with me right now.

Right now humor might be the way so here are some things that made me laugh a little in the last few days.

Good one!

Caterpillar into Butterfly
Feeling lucky “Punk”?
Say nothing
A labs lament

Hope they made you chuckle.

0700 Sunday morning, chair in place, TV on, and off we go up several mountains. Solo breakaway looks very strong and amazes me as he holds onto his lead until the GC riders up the ante on the last climb coming back from 5 minutes down. Once again Roglic takes second place and holds onto his lead.

Another determined finish

Rest day tomorrow so I’ll be bored witless until we get going again on Tuesday.

Outside the Pheasant finally gets put in it’s location and while I’m working on the photo I notice that it’s breast and back have a cleverly implanted image of the lab? I confess that was the first time I have seen it.

On the other side of the waterfall the “Rabbit can finally see the Dog” another fun play on words


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