As she was in January, unwashed but road ready after 4 years

Ever closer, excitement builds, as the long layoff comes to an end and some mystic trials loom on the
horizon. The Safari is being “detailed” which has been sadly lacking while it has been sitting in the park
for the last 4 years! However I have been giving the old girl a bit of a once over and although there is not
much that can be done for faded paint, she is 13 years old, I can certainly tart her up a bit. The rear mud
flap had to be removed as is got bent beyond repair on our last outing to Turkey Rock so it was a Makita
job as the thing was tack welded to the underside. The radiator vent was taken off and every other slat
was removed with the faithful Makita as this model has always had an overheating problem on the big
hills and I’m told this will allow more air to the right parts,… we will see what happens on Wolf Creek

Having completed the rear end time to attack the main awning which deployed last time out coming
over Poncha Pass. It actually comes off with relative ease but the 20′ cover plate is not so cooperative.
Some serious hammering to get it to shift down it’s groove and then of course the 10 feet of overhang
was looking like it would damage the coach. Nothing for it but to get the Makita out again and cut off 10′.
With that gone the rest was easy to slide out and remove.

What I thought was peeling paint on the roof turned out to be many years of accumulated filth on gold
paint which has now been removed leaving a “bright” gold line where all the crap used to be. Today’s
task is the final side where at some time in the past either the water heater or something else of an
aquatic nature dribbled down the side leaving rivers of calcium and lime. Now within sight of the finish
and even I am quite impressed. With aching arms solice was sought in the shade garden to enjoy a
couple of well earned beers when Madam announces that the trailer no longer matches the coach! So
it looks like I’m in for another project prior to departure to wash the trailer and then remove the red and
replace it with a goldie bronze color to match the coach……. and all before we leave on Thursday. Having
done the rear grille and resprayed that I’m now told “why can’t you do the front?”……… it never ends!

Washed and detailed and NO awning!

Looking good

On a limited time frame today as its party season and we have a repeat “Fish Fry” by Bob Hanson, his
earlier event was for the entire town but today it is for selected friends only. Last time it was a nice day
until we arrived when it suddenly became very windy, heavens opened, and amid the pouring rain
people running for cover and trying to find some warm jackets. Today’s forecast is for near record highs
but with a 30% chance of thunderstorms and rain this afternoon. Chances of getting much more done
tomorrow don’t look good either with another must do event of pool over in Mancos.

Despite my earlier reservations up and around bright and early and after the F1 race on to cleaning
the trailer which took another 2 hours to clean and remove a ton of wet tar that had sprayed up all over
the diamond plate front. All types of cleaning agent tried but eventually back to good old reliable petrol
and elbow grease.

Unwashed in Red

Next phase get the stickers off and rough sand the area to be painted while madam masks off the
zones and I can get ready for the spray job. Needless to say these “stickers” look like they mean
business and may be tricky to get off. Brenda got all the stickers off with the aid of the razor blade and
then used almost a can of WD40 removing all the glue….. fine job! Meanwhile I succumb and take off
the front grille and give that a birthday of new black paint and then replace all the rusted self tapping
screws. Into town for the paint and despite having decided on the color when I get there I find another
color which I think is closer to Madam’s desired look. 6 tins of the new color and home I go, turns out
to be very, very, close so with the masking in place the first side panel gets sprayed…… looks good…….
…. and then it starts to rain! and then it rains some more! Project abandonned for the day, lets hope I
can get it finished tomorrow which is also loading day.

Don’t you dare spray me!

Just wait, I’m nearly done masking

Only one mini shower this morning, so 5 tins of the new paint take care of two coats of the new color
and all looks very good. I have to say I’m very impressed with some of these “new” spray paints, no
runs, no orange peel, and they actually go on and stick! The masking tape comes off and Brenda’s
hard work has paid off and nothing has been missed and there is NO overspray. Looks a little plain
without the graphics but at least it matches the coach.

Painted, washed and detailed

All done, just need to load everything and maybe we will be out of here on time.


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