The time has come, it looks pretty, but  now it must be released and see if it will fly again! Only
3 weeks to the opening event of the season and time to get the tires dirty and see if all last
years work was worthwhile.

It will get a gentle return to trials riding on the PI line as it is so ‘king heavy. Still I think I can
blunder through the sections pushing everything aside rather like a road roller and create my
own line. So far, testing has been little more than firing it up and attempting to lift the front
wheel a couple of times, so today it’s on with some boots and helmet and out for a full test to
see “what is” and “what isn’t” going to be possible on the 48 year old veteran.

If it works well I may have to take it over to the PITS Club “Geritol Trial” where rider age and
machine longevity are combined as part of the handicap….

Today’s project has been put on hold as everybody in the world seems to be screwing me
around and the thought of operating mechanical machinery could most likely follow the rest of
the day.

Another week has elapsed and all that has happened is that I put fuel in the tank but I
suppose that is some progress. 3 days later, and a step back in progress as fuel is leaking out
of the 48 year old brass petcock! Never mind I have something else so off with the tank, drain
the fuel, and in with the new tap. All back together, refuel and still more fuel……. it would appear
there is a small weep up front in the new lovely tank from Spartan! Thinks bubble? welding ?
…….. no, no, not on this gorgeous alloy. What about Kreem?….. good idea, it worked on the
Ossamaha so let’s give it a go……. dam! I’m out of the etching fluid so off down town for
another bottle. The tank has now “overnighted” so today I can put the Kreem in and then by the
weekend I can get the test done.

Another couple of hours with the Kreem and hopefully all will be sealed. Must not get impatient
so I will leave it for the prescribed 24 hours before attempting to put fuel in again. Hoping, ….
hoping, hoping! Well while I’m waiting the replacement Mikuni with the flange turned up so I was
able to refit that to the Ossa that had been denuded to get the Oilfield running. Share and share
alike, but I don’t like unfinished projects. Now it’s come on to rain!

2 days later and try and get the show on the road, take out the old fuel cock, replace with new
and refit the tank. Fill up with the last of the gas and now I can’t seem to get any fuel through
the new petcock? Off with the tank again, but at least it wasn’t leaking and try and get the new
petcock off, which is now all gummed up with the Kreem! Obviously there was a little pocket of
the stuff lurking and of course it washed straight into the tap and now has it completely blocked.
Nothing for it, back to the original tank and rebuild the brass cock. All done and after some fun
work with tubing it eventually fires up and I have my test ride, but my photographer has gone

First results:

Bloody Heavy
Turns well, with and without the clutch.
Powerfull but not instant, could be good in mud.
Second is pretty quick, but won’t rev out so perhaps a bigger main jet?
Pick up good, so pilot is fine
Leaks a LOT of oil! don’t know from where?
Burnt a hole in my trouser leg!!!! and that was just changing gear.

Back to the other tank tomorrow and a full clean of the carb and change that main jet.  However
it is now pouring with rain, in Arizona? So I will be reduced to cleaning the carb and and starting
it up.

Carb all cleaned, rejetted to 190, new piping on and also the very nice Spartan tank but it’s still
raining and carries on all day and most of the night! Now it’s a swamp and far too wet and
miserable. Tuesday and only a week to go and for once I’m busy and can’t get to the bike so
Wednesday is the DAY!

Today’s the day….. stand back! well, if it could go wrong today then it did. First a simple job up
the road redo-ing a lady’s wash which had been destroyed by the storm and in the process of
doing this we hit an underground power cable and do $4000 of damage to the electrical box and
then get a $2500 fine for not having a desert wash “bluestaked”!!!! ……. and now the RE refuses
to start, spark yes, fuel yes and it was running yesterday so I’m giving up today while I’m not
breaking anything else.

Cleaned everything, lots of spark, lots of fuel, new plug…….NO START……I’m running out of ideas
and time. Just one last thing to try…..maybe that Kreem stuff contaminated the fuel? So today
before it rains, change back to the other tank, try yet another plug wire and clean the carb for the
third time…. all very frustrating.

Still no progress, cleaned the carb one more time, new fuel, new tubing and just to be sure
another new plug lead. Lots of spark, lots of fuel and lots of kicking and NO START. Well I’m out of
ideas for this old lady. I guess I will have to consult an expert on this bike!



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  • 2/6/2008 10:39 AM Outlaw Dave wrote:
    Good write up Tony – You must be a patient guy, – sounds like a lot of frustration.
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  • 2/6/2008 11:43 AM Alan nc AHRMA wrote:

    Reading your Blog on the ES. I just had to laugh; I have had the flywheel off the Sherpa T I’m working on so many times I’ve about worn out the nut. Whoever designed the method of timing this bike is probably laughing his ass off (in the grave).

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  • 2/6/2008 3:53 PM Alan nc AHRMA wrote:

    When you were riding Sherpa T’s did you ever put an electronic ignition on one? I have a Femsa Ignition from a later 250 that physically fits my M92. Any idea if it would work.

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