With Spring Break upon us and delightful warm spring bluebird day weather there is NO EXCUSE not to be out there testing the new toy!


Ready to go

Another visit to my Doctor on 3/28/17 and I would like to have 500 of my 2017 target of 3000 miles in the books by then. Might be pushing it a bit but I now have 389.35 so only a smidge over 100 miles for my Spring Break week.

Sunday morning and time to deal with the last bits on the Roubaix. Front brake cable to be connected, tighten up all the handlebar allen bolts. Measure the seat post height on the Giant and set the Roubaix to the same. Test the new pedal cleats and their release mechanism as we don’t want an “arse over header” in the driveway if I can’t get my feet on the ground! Finally, fit the new Cateye speedo odometer and spin the wheel.


Front brake done


The numbers may be too small !

New plans with the Roubaix are for longer daily distances with the higher speeds of the road bike. This will mean I’m farther from home and will therefore need a “pack” for essentials. I used to use  the tested and true Camelbak back pack but being against my back it made me sweat profusely in the Phoenix sun. So for Colorado I’m going to revert to the “fanny pack” that I have always used on all my Trials bikes.


Having tested it with the “load” …… its a bit small! Never mind it will do for Trials

Standard kit to be carried will be: spare tubes and of course the pump! Cell phone with its camera, the wallet, a few tools and cable ties and a couple of icy cold bottles of Gatorade.  No more packs of cigarettes and lighters to even think about.


My current endeavors have seen my opening run from the house setting off into an Easterly wind and with a slight uphill and false flat scenario. This can be bloody hard work on the 70 year old legs and body. However once the first mile is in the books it seems to get easier as you know its very slightly downhill when I turn round and there will be a tailwind on the way home. I used to go outbound towards Telluride for 1.25 miles but recently have extended this up to my furthest distance of 4.60 miles. In truth this has been pushing my luck without the “essentials” and would be a bloody long walk home if I got a flat tire.

This summer the intention will be to ride as far as South Fork (14.00) before turning round. Eventually, perhaps, have Brenda take the car to Rico and drop me off for the 38 mile run home ?

Seems the weather was too good to be true and after Wednesday this week we are back to rain and snow and a 20 degree temp drop just to remind us its only March.

After my standard ride yesterday, which was good, time for some Shade Garden clean up and a few spring time beers …. very nice! The Roubaix did not get its test ride.

Lots of things to do around the house and garden this week so busy,  busy and then the potential “wet weather program” of pool practice as pool has NOT been going so well of late becoming almost novice like in its execution and decidedly lacking in finesse!


Very, very smooth!

The first ride is in the books, feels a bit strange after the Mountain Bike but I have to say IT is VERY SMOOTH ! The bike has SRAM Force which is their next to top of the line system and has the “double click” changing system. Press once and hear a click and the system upshifts. Press twice (one longer sweep) and the system downshifts. The riding position is obviously very different and might require a more angled stem riser to put me in a more upright posture. However, for a first ride I’m quite impressed!

The bottom bracket on the Roubaix is much closer to the ground than the Giant and obviously this means I can touch the ground on tip toe while still seated. I think I would like the bars about 2″ higher for the “modern” more upright posture so that needs to be investigated with a visit or two to local bicycle shops.

A lot of garden work on the “Dump” and “Shower” signs after the winter storms and they are back up fighting the gusting winds. Time for a few stickers on the new ultra light weight Lazer helmet. It matches the bike color scheme beautifully and I’m well pleased.


Second ride into a headwind and with such a light machine a few pedal strokes and the speed surges up!  So far haven’t got into the higher gears but I’m keen to see the 20 mph + numbers come up.

Bad weather coming in tonight so a ride tomorrow looks unlikely but you never know. The 500 target is well in sight, and as the article closes I’ve hit 470.59 and its only 3/22/17.







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