As Thursday comes round I have my last rest day so, other than chopping logs and making the
“Dangerous Cocktails”, (limit 3), my kitchen services are not required but of course I have to return the
favor with the traditional all British Christmas Lunch in a few weeks time.

Several small tasks finished while catering worked its magic in the kitchen. By 4 the scene was set
and another first class meal was consumed…… and all I did was a little carving and refreshing of

Turkey carves well…..

Today its decorations and all that is entailed in the mega operation. By now having been established
in this household for a few years most set pieces have their place so time frame wise it should come together in a fairly well ordered fashion. Of course the outside lighting is another matter!

As yet nothing new in the stores and no “must haves” to complete the set…….. but of course its early
days. It did occur to me that I could decorate the Cozy sign this year but I’ll see how enthusiasm and
cold fingers get on. 3 planned days to complete the task so up and at em this morning dragging box
after box out of the loft and then after lunch first go at the outside stuff while its a bit warmer. A surprize dusting of snow overnight just to set the scene and delight Brenda who has been secretly wishing for

Day 1 of 3 goes well with all upstairs decs up in record time and no light failures! Outside time to
make a base for the reindeer which only stands on 3 legs and was forever falling over last year. By
3 pm he is on his stand and other outside goodies are carted out and positioned……. now its getting
cold and bloody windy! Why does that wind pick up every time you want to string lights??…… well they say Mercury is going retrograde again so be prepared for the unexpected.

A windproof stand for the reindeer that looks like the Wooden Horse of

Back inside at around 4.30 so time for a coffee and a quick check of e-mails…….. hmmmm! The
computer has gone loopey and won’t respond…… a different sort of “Black Friday” in the Down

Day 2 of 3 and a sporting 20-30 mph wind and temps around freezing…… no lighting today! Brenda
toils furiously with my rogue computer and after about 6 hours it now works again, I’m suitably
impressed! Flush with success we are off to the Hollywood for some drinkies and pool. Decorating
can wait.

Well pool certainly is a funny game. Today we have a competition full house with 16 players and with
double elimination what that means is if you can win your first 3 games straight then you are
guaranteed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Should you win a straight 4 then you are guaranteed 1st or 2nd. I win my
first quite easily and then take on Wayne in round two who has just beaten Greg who would be today’s favorite. The game goes back and forth with some terrible leaves but then I get a couple of super
shots and manage to clear the table. Meanwhile Brenda wins her first when the opposition knock the
black in and then in round 2 when it looks like its all over the black goes in a non nominated pocket !
A bit of luck never hurt anyone! So now we are both 2 for 2 and a lot of favorites are already battling on
the losers side.

As we enter round 3 on the winner’s side we are down to 4 undefeated players of which Brenda and
I are 2. I play Bob who is the strongest and most consistent player and he is on a roll from the break. I
get back in and take 5 in a run but let him back in from a position I should have won from. First loss.
Brenda starts well but her opposition is looking good but then a random ball strikes the 8 and it
wanders into the middle bag and once more Brenda is the victor. She is now guaranteed 1,2, or 3.

Another win coming for Brenda

Over on the losers bench I play again and produce a good game to finish 4 balls ahead so I’m now in
the 3rd or better and 4th playoff. John, a regular winner breaks and knocks down his first 6 but with his
last and the black in a fairly easy position misses. With only one of his balls left I manage to work my
way through mine with some good play and cue ball control finishing up with a reasonable cut on the
black for the game. I take my time and the black goes in the corner bag but even from a soft shot the
white comes off the top rail and gently falls in the middle pocket……… well Crap!!

Fun over back to decorations

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas……..


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