Pot or pardon ?

A week off as schools are closed so time to enjoy a little more bed time in the mornings and venture
into the workshop and start all the mental planning for the 2012 season. All the forecast bad weather
seems to have drifted by and it just cold and crisp.

For once I seem fairly well prepared with good stocks of firewood and chainsaw at the ready to tackle
some big mothers in the other pile. Post Turkey Day it will be Christmas decs and this year I’m one up
on the lights having bought this classic little repair tool that supposedly repairs strings that are not functioning……. we will see. Like Quartzite in Arizona another of life’s mysteries as to why fully
functional lights that were working when put away should now be toast on their next outing. Either last
year or the one before 11 out of 14 strings refused to play ball when they were brought out to light up
the town.

The answer to the Maiden’s prayer

Locally I qualified at Mancos for their pool competition and though I say so myself I was actually
playing pretty well so I’m feeling fairly confident I should qualify over here in Dolores in the near future. Brenda’s game is improving as well and I expect she will surprize a few of the locals …….. we had
better get practicing as they are all good!!

On the local  scene I saw the Black Goat, not just once but 3 times! The last time we actually had the
camera at hand and Billy Goat cooperated for a few nice shots. This goat is wild and has been up on
the town cliffs for many years and as far as one can tell is completely on his own.

More local news from the Cortez bus barn comes in the shape of 2 routes suddenly looking for
drivers as on one, just before the break, there was a fight which the driver had to break up and now
one of the parent’s is claiming excessive force! Not sure of the details but sounds like the driver has
told them what to do with the job. On the other route the driver has resigned and it looks like I may be
driving that one for the forseeable future until someone bids for it. Good for me as it is one of the
three routes that the new buses were allocated to. Only problem with driving a new bus is that when
the activity trips come round yours is one of the first to be hauled off and you get a “once round the
globe” spare!!

What will be my “New” bus come Monday

Talking resignations there is a “biggy” coming up on the Ahrma front so watch out for it as we cross
over into December.

Another good thing that happened this week was with HM Customs & Revenue with whom I had not
been corresponding for some time. Their annual tax returns never arrived to me in time for filing as
they were always sent via Malmo in Sweden 2nd class seamail!! Anyhoooo, now that I’ve started my
UK old age pension they were in touch and I now see they are still sending stuff 2nd class via Valetta
in Malta. Seems I haven’t filed a UK tax return, although I’ve been paying the taxes, for many,many
years. A phone call reveals lots of late filing charges…… but now I can file on line ……… and if I file the
last 7 years before 31 Jan next year all the charges will be washed and I may even get a refund ???
Some more phone calls to find all the missing P60’s from the RAF and BAE and some more to
financial institutions to get all the insurance premiums I’ve paid were all amazingly easy and caused
no grief at all so I’m well pleased.

Now I can do this on line

Tuesday and a warmish afternoon so time to get on with it and tidy up the workshop. Much humping
and dumping and putting things away and then dusting and hoovering and the workshop is ready
for work.

Nicely returned to engineering

Let the Enfield project begin

Beemer battery comes out and this time is happily taking a charge ready for action when called for in
the spring or even January if AZ Cycle Park is on the Trials calendar.

Beemer battery on charge and green light flashing

Final chopping of wood and the day is done…… maybe Fish n’mushey peas tonight? Then it will be
Turkey in all shapes and sizes for a week.

Ready for couch potato time


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