The charter boat, HMS Mayflower

Another year passes and time to pause and reflect. Thanksgiving, as the word would imply, giving
thanks, was giving thanks to their religious freedom or the fact that they had made it through to the
start of the Eastern Winter?

Of course it is an American Holiday or more rightly the early settler’s holiday who were, when all said
and done British.  The British Empire in those days would sail the Seven Seas putting ashore
wherever it fancied, shoving up a Union Jack flag and claiming it for Great Britain. Didn’t really seem to
matter back then as we had a Navy and a gunboat, and if someone else lived there…..TOUGH!

Land Ho …. Plymouth ?

So the Pilgrims set of from Plymouth, in their chartered boat, sail across the ocean and after god
knows how many weeks at sea arrive in Plymouth! Clearly they were not too good on names
especially originality of same and for the most part called everything after a British town or county. How
original is New England, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York. No matter, life continues, to hell
with the natives and lets see what there is to eat.

With the turkey being here already and relatively easy to catch and domesticate no surprize then that it
became the cheap Thanksgiving meal. Of course the early settlers were very lucky to have the
Campbells aboard the boat and no sooner had they arrived than they were able to produce their
Condensed Mushroom Soup without which there would be NO traditional green bean casserole. Well
despite that one, the rest of the fare was indeed what they could find and pick, without the help of
Martha Stewart,……. and the rest of the World usually calls it The Harvest Festival.

Martha meets Gordon Ramsey in an early “Hell’s Kitchen”

Green Bean without Campbell’s Condensed Mushroom Soup by Brenda

In this household Brenda cooks ALL of the Thanksgiving feast and I do the same thing on Christmas
Day with all the British favorites including the pudding.

The “Dangerous” Christmas Cocktails

Today is no exception and there are pots and pans that I have never seen but out of the chaos a
magnificent meal is produced. The Christmas cocktails are poured (one month early) but knowing
how dangerous these little devils can be there is a three drink limit on the grounds of it being a
pleasant day without argument or telling the world how it is. I made it through the meal unscathed but
I’m still waiting for the “pie” which got away as there was no room to cram any more in.

Be careful what you say or you might get it all!

Some variations on a theme this year as Campbell got the heave ho and Brenda made the whole
dish without their assistance. Another delight which I have never tried before was roasted Brussel
Sprouts with crisp bacon and I’m really looking forward to some more of that on today’s leftover
selection. Might even tackle that pie!

Looking good, I’m going to enjoy this one


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