I’m Back and worse than ever!

Yes, everyday, something new to try and alter course to divert our attention away from the ensuing disaster and his total lack of response!

Because he and his ass followers have started using this testing nonsense crap as the reason his polls are falling it must be fairly obvious to the MAGA community as to what will happen next? Perhaps it isn’t as they don’t believe  in it anyway, after all it’s only a hoax ….. right?

…….. well, clearly based on this ridiculous republican statement we should stop testing immediately!

Making an average of around 70,000 new cases a day! well done everybody!

A question that defies ALL ANSWERS!

and while addressing some of his dumbest moments I’d missed this one re the Kurds  …… sorry Kurds

So during a White House meeting with its totally Unqualified staff you can see what “Master Coup” is coming next ………

Yep, don’t like the numbers ? well if we get all the info sent here to the WH then we can adjust the numbers and pick up your ratings

Don’t need to be a Rocket scientist to see through this one!

Absolutely ….. but I warned you!

While the world looks on at yet more unfathomable stupidity, and what will become criminal book keeping, the Butterfly is off again to land on …….

BEANS<  yes, fucking Beans !!!!!

I really do DESPAIR with this one

With numbers in the polls down  ……where to now?

Can you guess ????????

“BRAD”                     ” you are fired!”

Just in via the Space Farce

One for the VP

and finally

Oh well, back to lock down then, but never mind you can get the tattoo fixed when they reopen

….. and ignorance is bliss!











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