Seems about right

Here we are again  and despite my sore hands its time for full blown weeding to get underway.  Still a little early for planting out and collecting hanging baskets. Very little left at the local nursery as everybody has bought up everything, which of course will freeze and die before we get underway with totally frost free days ….. even the bedding plants have nearly all gone!!!!!

This month is normally a great month for wild asparagus but our one look around the ditches where it has been in the past revealed nothing not even cut stems!

Super good and free!

Yesterday I just couldn’t get going, every time I decided to do a task I  immediately changed my mind as the winds kept changing direction and strength. The weeding task was “reviewed” but nothing happened, other avenues explored but no action. Eventually with little interest I pushed off on another 2 phase ride in the increasing wind gusts. 22.85 went in the books but not the most pleasant by any means.

It does get somewhat depressing with the “self interest” political nonsense all blaming each other rather than uniting for the common good and what they are supposedly being paid to do.

The Loon in Chief doesn’t like anything that contradicts his own loopy theories and refuses to answer any serious questions with a straight forward response. Now he has turned on his best and most reliable advisor so we can expect him to be fired in the very near future.

Perhaps he thinks he’s getting the Clorox Vaccine

Only for the “Chosen One”

After all the rants and raves the medical team are  in self quarantine

Well never mind, rest is always good and we have at last found the TP stockpile in Colorado

……… American Idol found it and can fix the problem thanks to Lionel Richie

While I can see the need to get schools reopened for the fall session which actually starts in mid August or even earlier, with this current new wave of child infections that really might not be such a brilliant Trump idea, unless we would like to infect school teachers and the bus drivers. Judging by their current student’s inability to spell anything from where they live, to major everyday words, that they can chant but cannot spell, I can’t believe a whole year off school will make any difference to their level of knowledge ………….

…….. and I offer the following exhibits into evidence   …..

The Prosecution rests ……..

But wait!   ……. there’s more as we also need to get a school’s cabinet member who actually works for improving schools, now wouldn’t that be nice, perhaps History, maybe even some American History, in depth appreciation for Native Americans, and a little world and home geography

it’s getting to be ridiculous  ……..but sadly TRUE

She needs to be behind those bars

Of course testing will be required but even here the obvious  meets with the insane and quite frankly its impossible to understand how politicians can be so party orientated and downright fucking stupid!

Perhaps he is unaware f this

But as we know from these goofs  Economics takes priority, but how do you re-fire spending and confidence when the very people you want to “spend”  are out of work? 

Regardless of the dangers Trump is forcing the 33 million out of work to sacrifice themselves and others for some menial form of employment which will in NO WAY bolster the economy as buying and selling worldwide is not happening as we are all in the same boat which sadly is NOT SAILING!!!

Thanks a lot

…….. and still he is allowed to get away with it ????? REMEMBER HENRY VIII and a certain Archbishop ……… the phrase starts off in a similar manner   “Who will rid me of this troublesome PRE …..”











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