Some readers may remember that post Dickson TN in 2007 I made a comment that in 2008 I would
be trying for TWO National Championships so as we enter the season I’m hoping to be able to
complete the ambition if I can get the Royal Enfield in a fully competitive state.

Testing the Sections, AZ Cycle Park

The season opened at the new AZ Cycle Track and after some persuasion I find myself as
Trialsmaster for the event. No real problems laying out the event with the help of Ed and Evelyn
and Earl Burrows. This could easily be a 2 day in the future as there is plenty of scope considering
AHRMA wishes to co-locate events which of course is not always in the Trials riders best interest.
A good event, which I would dearly have wished to ride but as I laid the sections out it would not
really have been fair. At this stage the Enfield refuses to cooperate and the magneto is sent back
to the UK to be revamped.

Three AZ trials come next with a bit of a thrashing at Kingman and then two good wins at Table
Mesa and Alto Pit.

Table Mesa

Full Bore at Alto Pit

Back on the AHRMA circuit it’s a very wet Diamond Don’s which should have suited me, and indeed
I was leading after 2 loops then ended up losing 2 fives on the last lap dropping from first to second
equal,….. and then losing the tie break!

Wet and slippy at Diamond Don’s

The new Perris which is a bit limited in real estate followed and despite the short loop it was none
the less a good event which I enjoyed and rode well.

The New Perris

Time for Colorado and despite losing the generator on the bus this turned out to be a cracking
event with some great rides and a few ego brusing crashes! Cotopaxi has just about everything
a trials rider could wish for and I expect next year will be just as much fun. So now I’m on 3 wins,
an awful 3rd and the Trialsmaster points so things are looking reasonable in the Classic Class.

Cotopaxi Co

Day 2 at Cotopaxi

The Enfield is now back together and is due for its first competition outing. Although Milliken is only
a one day event I’ll try and ride both bikes in two different classes. I race round the 2 line on the
Cub and lose a dumb 5 by not taking my time but complete 3 loops in 90 mins so set off with 300lbs
of Oilfield on the PI line. 3 loops in 80 mins and a clean card!

First ride on the RE at Milliken

Mid July and time for Donner which has always been a favorite of mine. Day 1 is a clean ride on the
Cub then switch to the Enfield for 2 quick loops and a confidence building 0 score. Some discontent
from some people, who will be nameless, about riding in 2 classes so elect to ride the Enfield only on
Day 2. This goes well and I crash round for the loss of just a single dab.

Donner Day 1

Donner Day 2

Nothing now until the end of August when it will be a non stop 3 weeks will 3 Days at Casper, 2
more in Utah and then the Sandia one day at Albuquerque with Mick Andrews.

Casper goes well and the Enfield sails round 3 days for the loss of just one mark. Perhaps the PI
line is TOO easy but a trial is a trial?

Casper Day 2 in “Lego Land”

A wet Day 3 at Casper

Over to Tooele in Utah and a different kettle of fish with much more challenging sections. I need
just 2 more wins on the Cub for the classic title and apart from another crash 2 more wins are in
the book.

Some hard sections at Tooele Day 1

Day 2 at Tooele

Finally Sandia, and a good time meeting up with Mick and Jill Andrews after 30 years. Mick elects
to ride Glitzmobile and I have a good ride on the Enfield in the loose sand finishing with a clean
second loop and 7 class wins in Premier Heavyweight Int. The Enfield only lost 7 marks in it’s 7
outings so I’m quite pleased with the old girl and it will be interesting to see how it does in the
Expert Class next year.

We go back a few years…….??

Mick rides “Glitz” at Sandia

Win no 7 on the RE at Sandia

I didn’t ride enough events in Arizona to qualify for the Twinshock Class but it looks like I will get
two Rocky Mountain titles as most of the AHRMA events that I rode were dual events for both
series. Quite a year! ….. so 2009 may be time to switch classes again and have a look at Premier
Heavyweight Expert where Rob Poole and Derek Belvoir will give me a good run.
Depending on events maybe the Cub in Prem Lightweight?

Still hoping for the “Trials Viagra” of the Pre 65 and Robregordo if things go in my favor next year,
and if that comes to pass then AHRMA will have to take a back seat to National Lampoon’s
European Vacation.

The European plan for 2009


Tony Down

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