The 12th ?


This is the other “12th”, not the “Glorious 12th” associated with Grouse Shooting in the Scottish Highlands, this is the one signifying Christmas and its 12 days have now come to an end. Indeed, a very sad time for all at the Cozy as we love the season.


The 5th or 6th? …… where I came from it was always the 5th so today it all has to go to stay with tradition, although a dose of Wassailing would be good after nightfall!




What took several days to put up, adjust, improve, and add to, must now ALL come down and go into storage for another 10.5 months before it sees the light of day circa Thanksgiving. Mental plans are already in place for major improvements and the annual updating of lighting schemes. I see a “few” more inflatables (she doesn’t) a set of tree lights with candy canes (she doesn’t) and some of those meteor shower or falling ice lights (she does!)…… well however the display goes I’m sure it will be bigger and better.


Well I like it !

But …… today its taking down and my tasks are outside after bringing down all the containers for Brenda to load with ornaments and all the other precious goodies. Downstairs has its own boxes but still a fair work load to do. Outside its lights and a whole load of this year’s extra deer¬†figures and frames all of which need to vanish into the workshop loft.


By mid afternoon all the outside lighting is down and Brenda has boxed everything upstairs and down and its all ready to load into the loft once more…….. by 1800 its all gone apart from the memories


The morning scene…… everything must go


Happy memories of Christmas 2014 









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