THE “1500”

1500 in the bag

Despite the stormy weather the “1500” was achieved before the thunderstorm arrived with all it’s rain. Today is 7/24 so plenty of days left to rack up some extra mileage before we get into my month of August.

Meanwhile in Japan the Olympics are in full swing and I’ve watched the men’s and women’s cycling road races and also some of the swimming events. I can remember when the Olympics were truly “Amateur” and no Professional Sports people were allowed in. Now it seems the most bizarre sports qualify for a Gold Medal!! Surprised we haven’t got Motorcycle Trials in yet as we have just about everything else!

Trials as an Olympic Sport ?

Something I didn’t know, in the Olympics riders are not allowed radio communication and that was somewhat evident in the ladies race where one of the Dutch Superstars thought she had won! However the Gold medal went to an Austrian who had led the race from the breakaway shortly after the start!!!

Never mind, you got the Silver!

I did better than expected yesterday with 34.45 miles in the book on what appeared to be a “no chance day” with all the storms. I guess I’ll be trying for something similar today. Just seen all the road working heavy equipment on their low loaders off to their next venue. Better have a ride through town and see how it is ?

Dodged all the nasty black clouds that are building up and did 24.11 before the first splatter hit me! Home and dry but would like a few more this afternoon if this big cloud would drift away. It seems my afternoon timing was perfect and finished the day with 35.35 and now its rumbling so I expect the downpour shortly.

Monday, and very wet! Seems the storm arrived around 12’ish and stayed until 0200. Forecast this week much of the same with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. First up need to get into Cortez and post a set of handlebars that sold over the weekend. USPS used to have a box that worked for bars or fork legs but it has since disappeared so I’ll be using UPS.

Bars gone, warming up nicely, better get out there before those clouds build up. Up to the lakes (recently restocked) for the opening 10 miles and back for my 2 mile loop before getting back in town. Morning total 27.38 so shouldn’t have a problem making the “30” unless the weather goes wormy. The afternoon run extended the total to 37.51 as I kept track of an ever darkening sky. Coming towards the end in the School parking lot, only a hundred yards from the house, there was an incredible crack as the first bolt shook the town! Time I was leaving as carbon bikes and lightning are not a good mix. Well 107 miles in 3 days despite the horrors of the weather.

Tuesday again, 7/27, showers and storms again around 1500 so better get going and then just maybe attack the grass which is now growing profusely with all this rain, but it does look good!

Grass gets cut and strimmed, mileage completed at 36.29 and through the next banner finishing at 1612.76 and day 4 at over 30 miles but the legs are feeling it! Even managed to get to the Brewpub for a well earnt beer.

Riders behind me were not so lucky with the banner!

In the morning Home Depot finally delivered the NEW washing machine and dryer but left them at different heights which is quite unacceptable ! More on this later.


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