We certainly set ourselves an ambitious program for 2013 but as we come to the twilight of it we only have
two more rounds to go from the original 17. The big question was did you like it ? or was it all too much?
Remember this is YOUR club and we organize trials for YOUR enjoyment and fun, so speak up and let your
views and comments be known.

Lets recap what we have achieved, 10 events in our opening year of 2012 and 15/17 completed to date this

We started back in April with San Ysidro NM which was a first for me never having been there before and as
a piece of land for Vintage Trials the place was well suited to our needs. Perhaps the most grip I have ever
seen on rock !

Day1 Section 10

The hardest section of Day 2

Moving to another grip fest we were in CO for Turkey Rock in May and put Vintage trials up a notch in the
severity bracket thanks to Chuck and friends who gave us their “A” game event. I have to say by the end of
the third loop I was impressed what a 40 year old bike would do across rocks that we don’t usually try.

Straight shot 2′ step to start this one !

Seriously BIG boulders….. but we all cleaned it every loop

That “grippy” stuff down at the start

June had everybody at Corral Bluffs for some snake hunting after the big fires in Colorado Springs with
Wolfy diving into a pit to check for rattlers!

Lots of downhills

Nick Turner on his “new toy”

Wolfy goes snake hunting

Back to NM for our July offering at the little ski resort of Sipapu, another venue I had not been to. The storm
pissed on our Day 1 parade and Day 2 nearly pissed on mine when I cracked my wrist and camera after 2
stalling falls…. (this I now believe to be the OKO problem). A good riding area in the fir trees and a fun loop
around the ski runs. Can’t say I enjoyed the drive in with the big RV and the road surfaces leave a lot to be

Opposite the ski lodge, Sat 10

Day 2 with Jimmy on the logs of Section 9

Dan picks his way up the exit of 9

“Who put that tape there? ….. Oh, it must have been me!”

August and my own 2 month one man band cutting and hacking my way through Casey’s 230 acres of
jungle on a hillside. Great fun to lay out and perhaps two of my best rides of the year. Another massive
storm took us from the mid 80’sF down to 42F on Saturday afternoon but the post trial smiles showed that
we like a little adversity……. but a jokes a joke!

The Parade in 80+ temps

Spectator section under the 4th Road Bridge

Kirtis on the Ossa Explorer coming up the 2 line rock of Section 12

Sunday was weather as normal and everybody seemed to enjoy Lost Canyon Creek and the two special
sections of “The Graded Hill” and “Honey I’m Home”.  Casey will be out around Thanksgiving time, if we
are snow free, and be cutting trails with his Dozer ready for next year.

A well known “Guru” comes up Lost Canyon Creek

That “Graded Hill”

Not all sweetness and light

Nearly at the “2” boards

Casey goes “mono”

On the steps of Podium

Turning a mattress at “Honey I’m Home”

Coming out of the spare bedroom

Wolfy exits Honey I’m Home in full kit, Granny’s dress, purse, and dog

Still in August, but only just, its up to Casper WY to see the devastation from last year’s fire and the recent
horrendous flood. Dan and Bob had done sterling work making some excellent sections amid the debris
and revamping a few “tried & true” old faithfulls. 3 days of fun trials and always one of my favorites even if
I didn’t ride as well as I would have liked.

Horses or Yams for Trialsmaster Bob

The one legged man

At the bottom of an old favorite

At the top of the same

Something NEW in the shape of Monday 2

Monday 3, a great section

Plenty of scope for the years ahead

Last weekend (Oct 5/6) and another new venue at Stephenson’s Ranch in OK which I will be missed due
to distance. Be interesting to see how it went and from some of the pictures of the landscape it looks like
some good trials country.

That just leaves Roswell in NM for November, another area I have never been to but one day I’ll see if I
can make it. By then the RV will have been winterized so it would have to be the Cadi and the “bouncy
castle” air mattress in the back. I’m getting keen on going to this one already…. but first the mini rebuild.


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