Seems the game is on! I have been watching the No1 road bike of my dreams “daily” with multiple visits to check and see if anyone had stolen it out from under me. The list of watchers grew on an almost  hourly basis. Price reductions on both my No1 and 2 choices, which were both from the same seller, attracted even more watchers, and eventually I could stand it no longer!


My No2 choice, the 2007 Specialized Roubaix

The fickle finger of fate strayed over the “Make Offer” button and the digit wavers nervously and finally presses the caption. I went in at $149 under the “BIN” price and was surprised when I received a counter offer! Well, he came down $80 so I accepted and should have the machine in my possession within a couple of weeks.


Mine!!!  ……. drop dead GORGEOUS ….. the No1 2011 Roubaix

Flush with this success I put in a few more “Best Offers” on other cycling items and once again these were all accepted in no time!


Rather nice riding shirt to match


…. and another!


……. a set from the same seller

Moving on I now need to order some pedals and another odometer like the one I have on the MTB. Further review shows a different make with hidden sensor and a “stem mounting”.



Looking again at the bike pictures, (they really make me drool) I can see where the speedo will mount so now its pedal time as everyone who sells a bike always takes their precious pedals with them.


Speedo will fit lengthwise on the stem ……. don’t you just love all the carbon ?




Even comes with color coordinated brake shoes!


Who ever owned this machine kept it beautifully clean

Well much thought goes into the pedal selection and with my Sidi shoes I need the 2 bolt fitting or Shimano SM51. After going through all the pros and cons I decided, either rightly or wrongly, to go for a similar pedal to that fitted on the Giant MTB which has double sided entry. At least I know I can get my feet clipped in which ever side is up.


So those are my choice and will fit the “Cinderella” missing bits



Like everything else the cranks, chain ring and bottom bracket are scrupulously clean and virtually unmarked.

So now its time to review, today is Feb 28th and with 9″ of snow on the rail this morning at 0430 a snow day was finally called, and not before the “2 hour delay” and driving into work in insane conditions

First riding month of 2017 complete with 165.38 miles completed of the 3000 mile target. I started this cycling thing last Feb on the 28th and racked up  a massive 3.39 miles!!! I wonder where I will be on 31st March ? …….. and lets not forget we are still in winter !!!!



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