The annual transition from the loft to the post office via ebay continues. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter what I’m selling, and in this season I’ve netted $2200 from stuff that I either can’t fit into, was a dumb purchase!, or I can’t see myself ever using or wearing again. This was the same during the trials bike building era when crap that would have gone in the bin was seen to be fetching absurd prices as “originals” on the world wide vending machine.


The 2 Screamin Eagle jackets went for $1055 !

Well of course everybody has a finger in the pie with ebay charging 10% and paypal taking their slice too. However when you can do all this from the comfort of your own home those fees are not that bad.

Sod’s Law its not all sweetness and roses as this season I’ve had a string of 3 non paying bidders which is very annoying to say the least but eventually the system should treat them as they deserve!

Amid all the selling there were some things I wanted and have purchased including the Roxa ski boots. Over my many years skiing boots have always been the least favorite part of the day. Styles, number of buckles, plastics, liners, boot last and volume have all been issues with my short, but club like foot. I’ve tried Tecnica high volume, which was a great and comfortable boot to ski in but had me sweating like a pig in the parking lot trying to shove my lower appendage around the 90 degree bend and get it in!! Last year I tried the Atomic “live-fit” which were marginally better but still had a few problems for Sasquatch.

This year my “1 Jan resolution” was to find something that was comfortable, easy to get on and off, and skied well and indeed I thought I had found it with the new Head I type 8 boot which had a very wide last, was very easy to get on and off, but gave me reservations about the heel fit which I knew would not let me ski the way I like to.


So, the quest continued looking at the cabrio style boot which for those non skiers reading this is a design whereby the top center hinges forward allowing the foot in and then closes back up once the club foot is in the shell.


There are a few boot manufacturers who use this design Dalbello and Full Tilt are two but both don’t come in a last that is really wide enough for my foot. Further research shows that these boots are made by Roxa an Italian company and they have their own boots in the wider last that I need. Well as to be expected, apart from living 50 miles from one of USA’s premier ski resorts at Telluride nobody stocks them locally!

An evening basketball school trip to Durango allows me to walk across the road to a Full Tilt retailer and look at the boot concept. Needless to say they don’t have the boot in my size so I try on a larger size just to get an idea of the simplicity and I’m impressed.


The boots arrive from Roxa with free shipping and I’m off to get the  bindings adjusted which was done by friend and former Cozy resident at no charge! Now its time to get these intuition liners heat molded to my foot. Fortunately for me I’m on a ski trip to Telluride so while I’m waiting for the kids I can amuse myself in Boot Doctors. Liners duly molded to the tootsies.


So with boots done (I hope) I thought perhaps it might be a good idea to use a ski helmet especially after Michael Schumacher’s accident last year. Various helmets were reviewed and I finally opted for the Alpina with visor which was a bit like my RAF flying helmet.


This had to come from Germany and the shipping was remarkably cheap considering it came with tracking. Normally anything going global they tell me is in the “too difficult box” for tracking. Well mine was done by DHL and it was a blow by blow account and even had the next stage written in as to what was going to happen…. FIRST CLASS!

Still with excess money as I’m trolling the bay looking for best place to list my XC-Ting helmet I bump into a cracking deal from the UK for XC-Ting NEW trials pants and shirt for $100.94 with FREE shipping ?????? It arrived yesterday and I’m still amazed.


Now time to sell off a few trials items, 2 sets of pants and my “Jacob’s Coat of Many Colors”   …… (she absolutely hates this)



Jacob’s Coat will be on the bay


No red bikes so some Hebo pants are up for sale

Meanwhile a total surprise again from ebay. I listed some skis at $50 and as the auction came to the end the price started to go up with people outbidding each other until it closed at $70. Two weeks goes by with no payment and despite 4 emails the buyer refuses to respond. A non paying buyer case is opened, the skis are relisted and hopefully the bidder gets his black mark. Then WHAM full payment last night so I’m left speechless!

So far its been a good run and I have another 17  items closing today but seemingly people are not buying with the same enthusiasm  as they used to or maybe they don’t like what I’m selling. Of course you can run an item many times over without a sniff and then for no logical reason it becomes a feeding frenzy. 4 of the 17 have bids and will sell and I have another 10 to list today.








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