With 9 days off the Spring Break now moves into phase two with the workshop area/ shade garden
complete. Today’s tasks are a couple of the front beds and just maybe a little look at the Waterfall and
pool area. Nothing too intense today……. I’ve been at it 3 days straight and fortunately no driving to Flag
to exchange the Enfield for green pieces of paper. Looks like Ray has accepted my offer of a mini hol
and is coming later in the week in Granny’s Volvo estate.

Anybody in there ?

Volvos are strange European vehicles owned by the elderly, a bit like the British Rover and the U.S.A
Buick. Whenever you see them either in front or bearing down on you from behind it is never clear
whether any living being is behind the wheel ? Remember the only SAFE Volvo is a PARKED one!

There she is, white knuckles and looking under the steering wheel

Up bright and early for a UK phone call to John Bull to order the Rockshocks for the Cub. John has
built loads of these for the Pre 65 participants so knows exactly what I’m after. Good chat on old trials
as we are the same age. He tells me he has now completed all of the 25 strong batch of DOT’s that
just have to be one of the best “Pre 65” trials bikes around. Could be some more coming in the future!

If only FB, Greeves, Cotton, James or DOT could have built these in the
60’s !!!

Just artwork

The production line

A batch of NEW gearboxes

DOT frames …… of course they are pre 65 !!

What I actually came for…… the ROCKSHOCKS

The rest of Tuesday was quite unpleasant outside as a cold wind arrived and made gardening less
than acceptable. I did however get to ride Superglitz for 10 mins and polish a load of the Cub parts
ready for the coming build.

Wednesday was the ski trip for el cheapo $12 tickets. Clear roads and 2-3″ of fresh snow and we
enjoyed an outstanding day on the hill with hardly a soul in sight. Runs beautifully groomed, no wind,
and clear blue skies…..perfect!

Absolutely gorgeous !   ….. and the conditions were pretty good too

Hardly a soul in sight ?

The “beach” is empty as well ?

Firepit and music all to ourselves

Got the proverbial together today……. fantastic $12 worth

Thursday and the last day of phase II so finish another bed, hopefully be around when the trash truck
arrives and persuade them to take the extra 12 bags of leaves. Grass is growing so maybe time to
think a quick cut on Sunday after some work in the pool area and the big front conifer bed. Missed the
Trash Truck and this morning has turned into a “domestic” spring cleaning the closet and moving
never worn clothes back in the loft and tossing others that I seem to just keep for sentimental reasons
rather than fit or style.

Ray remains an unknown factor and is not answering phone or emails so he could easily be on his
way and turn up at any time. Closet crap removed, yet more stuff in the loft and out of my way for the
time being. Still plenty to do outside but it can wait until tomorrow. Finally in touch with Ray……. still in
CA !  This could be awkward as I’m working next week and then hi-speeding to NM for rounds 1 & 2,
and of course getting up daily at 0430 doesn’t give much in the evening play time zone. I’m sure we
will work something out but this week was perfect for me with Spring Break.

Managed to finish the two planned beds and even get Glitzie out for another 10 mins so a few things
done. With the change to the TY Mono front end I’m thinking I need a little more lock on the bars and
may have to file a bit off the lock stops on the lower yoke as it feels wrong for me after the limitless
travel on my old Ossamaha……. a Friday project!  Not sure what tool to use on this?

Now de-leafed

Tulips and daffs poking through

Before we go, just one more “drool” over those DOT’s. I think they were selling at around  7000 GBP
but don’t quote me

If only these were around pre 65

This is what I was actually riding in 1964….. The Greeves 24TES


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