As Cabin Fever sets in its time to think of what I want to do and how I’m going to achieve it ?  Just coming to the end of the first session of the chemo pills and the only side effect (other than tiredness, which is common to all chemo products) is the good old runny nose!

Still below FREEZING at dawn

Two weeks have slipped by while I have been in “thinking” mode and at last it has become warmer during the day with temps close on 50F  and it even feels good when the wind eases off a bit. Therefore I see cycling coming back on the “menu” as I move into the second half of my journey around the Equator (24,902 miles)  …. after last year’s miserable weather and Stage IV Cancer I finished up on 11,390.73 miles completed so almost 1/2 way.

Maybe during Spring Break I can get in the workshop and look over the trials bikes which haven’t been touched since 2016. Need to sell 2 of them and sell the BMW K1200LT as well although a beautiful bike like the Beemer deserves a better price than $5390 which is the Kelly Blue Book as of today!

Worth more than 5K !

About to start a 4 day week, with Friday off, and then Spring Break. Brenda  is off to LA on Tuesday but prior to that a consultation with Dr Mattison in Cortez re: the reversal surgery …….. hopefully this can be done after School finishes in the third week of May. This has been suggested by my two local Doctors for improved quality of life which would indeed be a blessing as it is a very tiresome device.

Not a thing of beauty!

I’m led to believe that it involves a considerable amount of extra “retraining” especially after nearly a year off! (I still think I should have gone for a stainless model this time around)……….

However just to add a little humor to the subject there is an advert on TV where a farmer is promoting his lactose free milk which he is drinking in front of his herd of cows.

He goes on to say that if “they” are not cows then they must be big dogs ………

Let’s see    ” SIT ……. I said SIT”

Following along on the same theme, once the reversal is done then it will be a liquid diet before getting the system back to solid food. I’m told the first signs of the system coming back on line are GAS!

So, some serious ARSE/ASS retraining looms ………..

You can’t be serious!

“I said SHIT not SIT!!!!





  1. Hi Tony, glad to read that the first session has finished, and that you’re itching to get back on your bicycle. Keep that energy level up! I hope you’ve pulled the trigger on that Range Rover by now…… Can you give me a direct message on my e-mail when convenient? Thanks. Gary

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