I 5 as it is today from LA

Now if someone REALLY wanted to put America back to work here is the mighty state of California
which has to be classed as a federal disaster zone when it comes to roads. I drive on BETTER and SMOOTHER county DIRT roads in Colorado !! This state really is a disgrace, the surfaces are bumpy,
chunks of concrete missing, potholes everywhere and the worst ride I have ever experienced. The joke
that has the audacity to call itself a freeway (I5) is about smooth enough for the early settlers to move
on in a wagon train and even that needs to be done with care. In the last 5 years that I have ventured
into California there has been ZERO improvement to the roads and in many cases most have got
worse in a big way. The only thing I have seen is major work on the SHOULDERS???? Jesus Arnie, I
don’t give a flying f### about the bloody shoulders I want something to DRIVE ON!! ……. and as for
this crap of leaving bridges without any resufacing as some prat has decided concrete doesn’t freeze
as quickly as rubberised finishes, well how about making them level with either side? flying off one
side of the Grand Canyon and then getting airborne again on the other hardly makes for a
pleasureable driving experience.

An “everywhere” occurence

Enough on the road rage. The morning starts off well or not, as overnight we have lost all 12 volt
power so now the fridge isn’t working along with a host of other services, but the engine and the
generator both start so be thankful for what we do have. Phil arrives and whisks Brenda off to Trader
Joes so she can reload on the world’s cheapest good quality wine. We slip away from Warner
Brothers and make our way to the joke freeway. Now the first time we went up this cart track it was
laughable to see the colors in the road, huge red streaks and then a complete white stretch where
farm produce open topped trucks had shed their load over the bumps with load after load of
tomatoes deposited and then truck loads of white onions. I remember last time a truck had lost its
load of onions in 20lb bags and the freeway was at a standstill as people were looting the freeway
for bags of onions!!

Bumperty, bumperty bump and chunks missing

The lunacy of California driving continues unabated as we procede northbound, meaningless signs
adorn the road with “FINES DOUBLED IN CONSTRUCTION ZONES”…… nice idea but cock all
construction going on in the 300 miles + that I was driving. Some loopy sign about vehicles towing
limited to 55 mph, again nice idea but many places it wasn’t safe enough or smooth enough to attain
55 mph ! Periodically I achieved 60 but then regretted it as we were airborne again. When I did hit 60
I was still the slowest vehicle on the road as the brain dead hammered past in pouring rain to add to
the fun.

Nothing ever properly repaired

Refuel at California prices and notice the front passenger tire looks low?  Maybe a concussion
impact has nearly knocked the tire off the rim. It’s down to 40lbs from 110…….. doesn’t look good but
pump it up with truck stop air and off we go again. Might be dirt in the valve core or maybe they didn’t
tighten the core up fully ?

Still with no DC12 volt system time to find a Walmart and check the batteries again. Sure enough one
is a terminal case so buy two new ones and fit them tomorrow. The drive continues, and more rain
and now a $14.00 rip off toll fee to cross a bridge ?

At last !

Never mind Calistoga is in sight and we roll in tired and thankful we are still in one piece……..
everything else can wait until tomorrow!


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  • 10/19/2011 8:55 AM Jim Crain wrote:
    Tony, Just finished the trip to Hollister and found the same experience as you on I5. What a rotten drive. I was very happy to escape CA with my rig still intact. Thanks for the post. Jim
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