Now I must admit I love a good Cup Cake and the surprises inside

However, if it looks like Crap, it will probably taste like Crap!

Well I have a generous, but effectively worthless check, that will be going nowhere close to my banking assets, but rather Fraud Squad, or some other law agency.

Yesterday there was some hint, reading between the lines, of what was in store. First up there is my $7000 asking price, then there is a $50 holding fee, that “he” suggested and that I would have and also cancel the ad on Craig’s List. Another sum was to be given to “his” mover or shipper who will come to collect the bike once I have cleared the check. There was another hint that the “mover” had other things to collect, presumably from other scams!

No doubt I will be told to give the “mover” $11, 930.23 and then when they collect the Beemer, they will then withdraw (somehow) the money, all of it, paid to me! Seems a sad day that ALL of our financial institutions can’t stop this nonsense in it’s tracks.

Still not 100% sure how these bastards get away with it and how they get the money back from the bank and YOU end up paying. Clearly YOU DON’T present the check for payment and YOU NEVER give THEM any money. I think I would gleefully wring some fucker’s neck! Today I’ll hand the details over to the local Sheriff .

I’m expecting to get an e-mail from my “Nigerian cup cake eating arsehole” which might be fun. In my humble and simple, old aged mind, if you are using a company check for nearly $19,000 you had better be the owner of the Bakery or if not, is that not embezzelment big time ?

Here is my reply to the Bakery Scammer

tony (
AS this is a SCAM of the highest magnitude I’m surprised you even have the audacity to email me. You were offered the option of a SAFE transfer of funds which YOU ignored and sent a Company check, which unless you are the Bakery Owner is Embezzelment or FRAUD. The Bank refused to accept it as VALID. I am not in the business of check cashing for unknown people, neither am I in the business of giving away a high performance BMW to FALSE funds and subsequently losing both! If you seriously think I’m stupid enough to withdraw $11,390.23 and give it (in cash) to an unknown person you have me confused with the Village Idiot! and for future reference, most people HAGGLE over the initial price! Good luck with your “Bakery Cup Cake Scams” and be advised the local Sheriff’s Office have been informed along with Craig’s List, who equally take a dim view of “Scamming” Theft or Fraud, and may well be on your trail as we speak. WE HAVE SEEN THESE NIGERIAN STYLE SCAMS BEFORE!

Still Safe! no more scams please





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