Telluride at the beginning  of the storm

After a very pleasant Thanksgiving meal, the traditional football game and a small fireside sleep time to think of what is coming next. Normally today would be dragging out all the boxes and decorations ready to start putting the house together for Christmas.

Well nobody wants to do anything today so a rest day for all! Tomorrow it’s Brenda’s 60th and there are some plans for same! today I managed to get 9 more items listed on ebay which wants to argue with you over most things?

Well the weather is now cold and miserable for all of next week and having learnt the lesson of last week and hypothermia, I’m thinking the cycling season is almost at an end! perhaps the soles on the sidis told their own story and the Yuletide Season is upon us.

The Sidis said “That’s enough!”

The Spaniard, Emilio, paid for the ISDT Jacket, but the Hunting Gnome wants to return the hunting jacket because EBay said it was Hydro Fleece but is is Hydro Suede! What can you do with people?


Telluride this morning    11/28/Covid




Still too damn cold to ride or do anything else, quite horrid and I certainly don’t want another session of hypothermia which takes me an awful long time to get over. Because there isn’t that much fat on the bones these days, being down in the 160’s as opposed to the 200+ regime of the past.





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