A little interrogation “Conditioning” on the way home from Salida

Following the snowy drive back from the far North, we used to call this “conditioning” in interrogation circles,  Superglitz spent the night in solitary dethawing and was then taken outside for some light
cleaning prior to a strip search and interrogation.

Dethawed and ready for the horrors to come

While interrogators tried to unravel the mystery of Mixed trials and MX at only MX venues, Glitz was uncooperative and only volunteered her 434-006862 number, rank and name. Of course the good guy,
bad guy techniques were in full play asking about her Ahrma roundel and if indeed she wasn’t a spy
then why didn’t she have an ITSA  sticker ?

“Zo, waz iss wiz this Arrrhmer roundel zen ?”

With nothing forthcoming from the debrief and interrogation Shadetree was called in and light
dismantling began ….. although there have been several protests from avid readers.

light dismantling begins…… but still she refuses to talk

“I’m Superglitz, my number is 434-006862”

Within 2 hours, in the biting cold, she is soon stripped bare and all her parts are now scattered to the
four corners of ebay. Sounds almost as horrific as the end of  “Braveheart” when Wallace is drawn and quartered      ……….. FREEDOM !

Superglitz on the rack

” Ok Glitzie, … one last chance, ……. whats  all this ITSA nonsense you
keep babbling on about ?”

” It’sa  Trials for Trials by Trials !….. and NO more of these bloody sections
in a MX parking lot or a Parade of Old British Iron……… 2 day events at our
own venues…. and no bloody Trustees…..  ITSA……….   FREEDOM !

The entire front end has gone, the yokes will follow shortly and her once prized exhaust split into
three. The Mick Andrews signed SM tank & seat unit was duly cleaned, photographed and put up for

 The Superglitz  “show chromed” exhaust

The ever growing “for sale” pile

Mudguards are gone, cables and bars too, the once proud front number board and renthal grips
discarded, the Showa rear shocks may join the pile, depending on funds, and even the NEW OEM
style yellow plastic front mudguard won’t fit the new design with the change of forks.

On ebay at a sensible price compared to some of the crap available

Superforks from the Superglitz…… and already selling !

Pride of place the SM tank/seat unit

Hopefully “that” signature will sell the item !


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  • 2/25/2012 4:56 PM Chris Woolley wrote:
    Perhaps I missed something but why are you parting out your TY? It looks to me to be a pretty special bike.
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    1. 2/25/2012 5:11 PM Tony Down wrote:

      Yes, Superglitz is/was one of the finest Yamahas I have ever ridden, and indeed a lot better than the very first one I rode back in 1974 in the SSDT. With the move to ITSA Superglitz is being completely revamped to meet the new challenge which includes a change to TY Mono forks, which don’t use the 74-79 fender or the same yokes. The tank seat unit is being changed for a special in retro Yellow/Black along Majesty lines and a whole NEW exhaust sytem will be fitted along with Magical rear shocks. Up front either a Beta or Gas Gas fender and a YZ/IT front wheel to fit the Mono forks… different angle and leading axle. ……… So watch for the rebirth of the new project.

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