THE FIRST 100 OF 2021

Bang on time

Wednesday, and Brenda recovery day from Durango after her week in LA with son Phil. During her absence I dragged myself out with the Roubaix and clocked up 84.41 in my first 4 day rides of 2021.

Back from Durango with everything running on time, winds getting stronger and stronger so any ride will be later on if it abates. Well the winds got worse and another non event for the impatient cyclist so try again tomorrow.

Ebay seems to have come to a halt, either I’m not selling what people want, or they are looking for freebies, amazing number of low ball offers which of course I have rejected. Bloody cheek!

I would like to crack the 100 mile banner today to feel I have achieved my starting surge. Still down on energy and power but some slight improvement overall and weight coming back up due to all the cakes and dough nuts.

Morning ride quite pleasant, windy yes, but warm also, and another 24.84 miles, the longest run this year, are all recorded. See how the afternoon goes. Quick check and the thermometer says 84F ??? Can’t believe it but closer inspection says pleasantly warm and if this continues I might see myself riding in shorts tomorrow rather than thermals. afternoon goes well in the almost summer conditions and I finish the day on 37.36, my second 30+ day of the 5 that I have ridden. Tomorrow the forecast is those bloody strong winds again so not so many but you never know up here. That brings the 2021 total up to 121.75 for the first 5 days of the mission.

37.36 not bad!

New arrival in the house ……. a puppy! Brenda could not resist, so far a happy little soul, make unknown, another “Heinz 57”

“I am the dog of light follow me”

Seems Warm enough, no wind yet, so maybe get some done today although I need to clean the Jag as all the cats have been climbing over it and it looks like a spotted leopard.

The Very Rare spotted Jaguar

Jen, the Vet, has just been giving shots to all and tells us it is in fact a “Heinz” with maybe a Aus Shepherd as the majority share holder in the genes and it could grow to 70lbs. Currently only about 8 weeks old and was not doing to well as the mother wasn’t feeding them, but no signs of lack of appetite.

All the injections done

I shall be interested to see how big she gets, just a little fluff bundle at the moment but very sweet and seems to have settled in immediately with Mercury and Midnight. Full of love, and now its playtime and testing everything to see what is chewable, nearly time for more food and then another sleep after the duty walk which she is getting used to.

Onto the weekend!


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