Thursday 11/19  and just crept into the 49 column with my 26.10 miles today giving the yearly a boost to 4903.08

Here we are at last, 5000 in sight, with only 97 nugget miles to go!

Latest Model I really like is this offering, well below market price but in B.R.G. or slightly darker making it look Black. Its a Vanden Plas but on the far side of the country over 1600 miles away! I think the  transportation costs will put it outside my reach, but you never know?

A very dark British Racing Green

Friday, 0750 and just made freezing with that easterly wind that I don’t much care for. Today I’m hoping for a two parter as I have to get the bag off at midday. A little shopping and some research on “Salvage Titles”.

A quick ride to start the day with another 10.54 before rushing in to the hospital to get that chemo bag off! The intention was for at least another 17 when I got back but “chemo tiredness” took me out and the ride was never on the cards! However the 10 was better than none and now I’m down to 87 to get to the top of the ladder.

10.54 more nuggets on the 49’niners trail!

Skiing back on TV! must be nearly time to put all those F1 cars to bed along with the Moto GP collection. The weather is departing from the forecast so I’m seeing a ride after a shower and shave.

The ride starts well but as I’m nearing 20 the wind picks up and its bloody cold and I have to stop at the house for a warm and some thermal gloves. Out again and by 28.38 my day is done! Ever closer to that Target and now 28 more steps up the ladder at 4942.00

Only 58 more nuggets/steps/miles to the summit.

Weather not too bad, a bit cool, and a Southerly wind, this morning but first be must take down the Gazebo or the inevitable snow will crush it flat.

Gazebo down, logs chopped, workshop cleaned, and now a Winter Storm warning for the next 2 days so better get on it and squeeze a few more miles/nuggets/steps out of the system. That was horrid ! Bloody cold and a savage Easterly which I didn’t enjoy at all. Only a 14.62 run, but less than 50 to go.

Another collection of hard earned nuggets/miles in crap conditions

Nasty and very cold

Monday even colder with yet more wind! temps look like they will be hovering around the 40F mark and the wind will be cold and strong from the East …… Yuk! and so close too! Only a dismal 7.68 this morning and then I was like this

Yes, it really was like that!

Snow on the ground this morning! Looks bloody miserable out side, just have to see what happens but the forecast is snow and windy which does nothing for the cyclist on a mission. I had even considered a second effort yesterday afternoon but common sense said “You can’t be Serious!” so nothing got done other than logs.

When I was out I passed the 39 mile to go and the mind flashed back to my childhood remembering the “39 Steps”, a Hitchcock film, starring Kenneth More as Kenneth More (he was always the same perfect English Gentleman in every film he ever did!) No acting required!”

Circa 1959 I believe, must have seen it with Mum and Dad

A romp round Scotland and more mysteries

So past 39 steps/nuggets/miles to go and here I am like an outsider looking in with the total at 4964.30 …..  I’m determined to get there but it might not be this week as the forecast is crap!

Just been outside to chop some more wood. Now that is a seriously cold wind and not to my liking at all. Currently not a cycling day! Better get on with listing some of my cycling kit which is WAY too big for me now.

Another 8 items all photographed, sized and downloaded ready for the ads. Other good news My ISDT Jacket has a bid on it!

Well that surprised me! but it is a very nice jacket

Wednesday, although bright and sunny, its still bloody cold and it seems that wind is here as well. It’s like being in Camp IV on Everest waiting just below the DEATH ZONE for a break in the conditions

I’m down here at the South Col, need to get up to The Balcony to have a fighting chance on the Hillary Step and the Summit

The morning run starts quite well but the speed creates more cold air and after about 15 miles I’m freezing bordering on hypothermic and really feeling as though I should be somewhere else , but I push on and make it back to the house at 23.10 which I can now say on reflection was too much. Warming up now and a hot chocolate will help as I foolishly want another 5 today.

Looking at the map above I’m about at the South Summit whereas to give myself a sporting chance for tomorrow I really want to be at the base of the  Hillary Step

Again too cold for me even for the 5 miles/nuggets/steps

So tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, in order to get that Champagne I need 12.61, better ask

Gp Capt Kenneth More from his film Battle Of Britain

With my Thanksgiving vegetable selection of leeks, potatoes, parsnips and swede all prepared I’m going to give it a try as Groupie Ken says “go for it”

My usual vegetable offerings ready for later. Better get on with the “Mission”

5 miles in and not feeling too cold I’m effectively at the base of the Hillary Step my crampons  on my Sidi Shoes are breaking away so new ones are applied for this the most dangerous portion of the trail

The crampons on the old yellow Sidi’s have said “enough!”

On with the NEW

Here we go then, the Hillary Step

From a bit lower down 

Over the Step and onward to the Summit, 12.77 miles in freezing conditions, power of speech lost passing 10 miles, press on with dripping nose and partially closed right eye. Pass the house, only 2 miles to go, I THINK I CAN, and finally 12.77 and I’m in the 5000’nds joy of joy! I’ve done it!!!!

Well done to me! 5000 for the first time

Let’s see what that looks like

5000 North /South

and 5000 from dear old Blighty


Whichever way you look at it IT’s a bloody long way on a bicycle!

Finally 5000 in the bag or exactly 5000.17









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