A standard Saturday in the Hollywood

Since our acquisition of the Pool Table as a joint Christmas present our games have both improved
but for whatever reason I’m having immense problems trying to qualify for the finals in our small town
bar. Every Saturday I’m there on time and try and stay focused and work my way through some pretty
stiff opposition to get into the top three.

Nearly every week the result is the same……. FOURTH ! Seems I can beat everyone at some stage,
including our two semi professionals but when I get to the critical last couple of games I lose to
somebody I normally beat who just happens to be having a good run. Last week I had the 1 ball jinx
every time I played solids! Didn’t seem to matter what the shot was, that bloody 1 ball was not going
to drop come what may. Jaw rattlers, lip rollers, and a 1/2 in 1/2 out stop and each time a critical shot
to finish off the frame.

Now this season has been better in many respects, and so far, I haven’t lost any by sinking the 8
prematurely or scratching the 8 on the last shot. I have been using the dusting chalk on my hand
which makes for a much smoother cue action but no matter how the game progresses I always
seem to end up FOURTH ! Its not the cash I’m after its the 3rd place or better that I want. If this
happened in Trials I really would be annoyed !

Only 2 more weeks to qualify so I’ll be trying my best to break the current run of  “nice game, not quite”.
Another week over and still no further along! Being first to the 8 on all my games I should have sailed
through but I didn’t, so one more week to get it together. Post the pool game they all wanted to play 3
ball and as I hadn’t had enough with the cue I joined in to show willing. Two games of this and I win
them both and walk away $53 to the good.

Rumour control has it that the 2 NEW pool tables arrived at the Hollywood this week so out goes any
more excuses of bum cushions etc and the game will be on this Saturday. Brenda has a day off so
she too will be trying for that top place slot to get into the final. The Pool tables had indeed arrived, all
part of the new owner’s revamping plan, so on my return after another day in the classroom time to
check them out.

Nice new tables

The tables are similar to our own with the obvious exception that they are coin operated but appear
taller and narrower than the previous ones. This of course is an optical illusion caused by narrower
top rails and the different style carved legs. They play well enough but the corner pocket jaws are 1/2
narrower so some of our hard shooters will be in for a surprize! The middle bags are slightly wider
but the tips of the cushions protrude and could be a problem for some people. Overall a nice
improvement and at least you can see the color of the balls!

So today is the big one. Brenda has a day off, I’m free from Census duties and we BOTH need to
qualify! After breakfast I think we will try for a 20 frame practice session and then venture down a
little earlier and get “lubed” up ready for the contest, which I believe will be a big one.

Well it came and went, she did and I didn’t ! Yes, despite all the play I couldn’t get my proverbial
together. Brenda however sailed through without a hitch and finished in 3rd place. Well done to her!
……….. so another weekend of watching and no play for me.

Oh well, there is always next year if I’m still here………


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