Does the “stance” remind you of anyone ?

Many may have thought “The headless chicken” was just a story but in fact is was actually TRUE ! and it went on to live for over a year after decapitation!!!

Yes, you can accuse who you want, whether you know them or not, maybe never met them, but after all they are all tremendous very good people

Wark, wark, chuckup chuckup, bwaaarkk

No, chickens don’t Tweet!

Being headless its easy to see why the mind acts like a butterfly and can’t settle on any one task for any length of time or even see it through to the end?

…….. and the Mexicans will pay for it ……. Oh really?

Well, let’s see how that’s going

3 years in and 93 miles built, ……. well not exactly as 90 miles was replacement of some other barrier……

Part of the “new” 3 miles    ……… looks like we let Jared sort out the contracts …… te, he, he!

Oh dear, look what a 40 mph wind does if your contractor has never built a wall before and knows “cock all” about foundations !

…… are we paying the Mexicans for their trees ???

Well while we were waiting a pandemic arrived and let’s see how that went and how we handled it

…….. and then a black man gets murdered by Police on video, let’s see how that went ……

Not so good

Oh well, back to the rallies

More headless chickens

…….. still more

Officially Brain Dead

Better try another Hot Spot, how about Arizona ?  Yep wildfires and stupidity abound

Damm it’s hot, yes and that Covid thing has record cases and nearly all the ICU beds are full !

No masks, more brain dead, and tubing on the salt river with zero social distancing 

….. and finally here we are coming up to the end of June with states about to go back into lockdown (if they have any sense, and I doubt it on present showings) …… but let’s keep ourselves focused on that election!

What a leader !













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