The saga of my life continues as we creep into 2 weeks from Casper and the Cub is still in pieces. All I can do is press on and rebuild her until more news is at hand ref these tappet adjusters. At least they can be adjusted with the bike in a rebuilt state, save for having the tank on.


After 2 months of frustration you are going back in!

The build begins after a bit of tidy up and first pop the motor back in place and start reconnecting oil tubes, the clutch cable and ignition wires. First thing of note will be some rerouting of those oil tubes which are a little close to the exhaust.


Ready for a motor ?

Engine brackets and bolts in place and the always tricky exhaust pipe and its mounting bracket which connects on the new forward engine plates.



Motor and exhaust on and the kicker noise reducer

Everything lines up and final tightening of all bolts and clamps. All looks good. Refill the oil, reposition inlet and return oil lines and connect the rocker system.

With exhaust all bolted up a new rubber cover on the kicker as it was rattling against the expansion chamber. Time for the carb with its new jets which just leaves tightening up the back wheel once the chain is back on. Rear brake connected  …… so until the tappet issue is resolved …… time for another polish to wrap up the day.


Last bits go on

Well it looks good even if it isn’t working! Ray may produce some longer adjusters or I might try the welder who did the sump and see if he can put a blob of a super hard stuff called “stellite” on the end.



If nothing else its CLEAN ! …… and polished

I feel a bit like Henry VIII and his beheading phase and the troubles with the Archbishop of Canterbury (my home town)  ….. “Will someone rid me of this troublesome tappet “.

The wait continues……. surely this CAN be fixed ??











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