Last day of Spring Break or Easter Sunday worldwide……. lots to do and only a percentage of planned tasks can be achieved in the time left.

Nothing accomplished yesterday as it was “day out” and a standard pool day at the Riverfront just across the street. A much better day for me even after drawing No2 in 19 players. First round up against Fred who I lost to in the final several weeks ago. We both start badly and can hardly get on a ball for a decent run. However I get the upper hand and run out nicely for the win. Game 2 against Sydney who is getting more accurate every week but still hitting the ball too hard. Nice clean win here with no mistakes. A lot more GT !! and onto Round 3 against regular winner and in top form Bob. A bad cue ball position for Bob and I’m back on for the clean up and win. With 19 players I need 1more to get in the money. For the life of me I can’t remember who I played but I must have won as I’m playing Nick for either a slot in the final or 3rd or better. Close game but Nick edges it even though I had my chance being first on the black.

More GT and now see who I meet from the losers bench. Its either Bob again or John McEwan. John wins so off we go and he is going well but then runs into a spot of bother and lets me back in for a nice run out and the victory. Now its final time with me back against on form Nick.

I rack and watch the first few balls disappear and take about 5 of mine off leaving Nick with four of his. What looks like an easy shot jaw rattles and I’m back on to take 2 long shots from non ideal positions but they drop and I have great position for the easy black.

Last game for all the marbles and nothing is easy for either of us but I get to the black first but the white I allowed to roll too far down the table. I can either cut the black to the center which is difficult or take a simple bank shot bringing the black across the table to the other center pocket. I elect what looks like the simpler shot but the rail is dead as a dodo and comes back at a strange angle! Nick cleans up and wins the day. Can’t complain, enjoyed it and had my chances and didn’t make any stupid mistakes and another 2nd place makes me very happy.

Back to the garden and pick up all the branches from these self pruning trees AGAIN! Good old Mother Nature sure sorts things out with some high winds and another two wheelbarrow loads are picked up.

Meanwhile back in the workshop time to turn my attention to getting one machine finished and Superglitz gets the full treatment with carb and filter cleaning and the wheels and brake pivot arm re-greasing.



Renthals back on and NEW grips


One more cleaning


The bits that stick!



Rear axle chariot greasing complete

New fuel and tire pressures adjusted time for the 2015 start up and first test ride ……. all good! No faults, seems just like new for a 41 year old machine that’s pretty good.



  1. Hi Tony,
    As always a very enjoyable read. I do have a question though, many posts ago I seem to remember you made a comment that you are in contact with George Webb. I remember his 500 Triumph on display at the 1972 Army motorcycle championships at Longmore along with Ted Johns’ 441 Victor. I wonder whether George can remember any details of the bike. Was it a Triumph Adventurer or a B50 with a Triumph twin motor fitted. What events did he ride it in as there was a mass of silverware with it. My late father was at SEME in Bordon and was an official in some capacity for this event. Any help much appreciated

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