Well with the initial rejection of the “Twinshock Class” by AHRMA I, for one, am left in a state of
dismay and bewilderment as to why any oranization devoted to any facet of trials riding would
want to reject such a strong proposal from the membership and for what reason. Seems very
similar to a well known General from France who in the 70’s had a one word answer to all
proposals that he didn’t personally like “NON!”

We are in an age of dwindling older machines, with part sourcing becoming more and more difficult,
increasing fuel costs in a backward economy heading into a recession and many riders to my
knowledge being unable to compete at National level due to increasing costs.

A Future US Champion ?

The Twinshock proposal sought not to change ANYTHING, but just to include the last of the
Twinshocks in a class of their own. They would enter in that specific class, thereby not offending
anyone in Modern Classic, and purely ride the 1,2 and 3 lines depending on their ability. As I don’t
have a machine from this period I have no real axe to grind in either direction but I’m purely
looking to the future when many events may not make ends meet if we don’t increase membership
and entries.

An EX Colorado Champion

Right now would be an excellent time to buy up machines of this period as they are relatively
cheap as currently if you own one outside of Tennessee or Canada you have nowhere to ride.

New or Modern it’s a demonstration of skills, Bailey on the 1 Line

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be able to compete with and watch the skills of a quite
exceptional young rider, Bailey Tucker, who was riding on the AHRMA 1 line on his TLR. Here is a
young man that competes in the Nationals on his Gas Gas but is prepared to compete on a TLR in
a 2 day Vintage event and enjoy it with the same enthusiasm. It would not surprize me at all if
Bailey went on to be US Champion within the next few years and I have also offered him one of
my bikes should he wish to have a “real go” at the Modern Classic Class. Let me put it this way,
if he accepts my offer there isn’t anyone that will come even close to him in the class!…… and for
those doubting Thomas’s that riders of his ability wouldn’t ride AHRMA sections he lost a mark or
two without anyone altering sections.

We NEED young men in the sport…… and if they can ride both……

It seems intersting that a lot of people assume that by allowing these bikes in that sections will
become harder and maybe impossible to Girder machines and those with a typical 50’s/60’s 6 inch
ground clearance. Where and why do they make this assumption? The only pandering to a “class”
that I have seen has been the 4 line. To be honest there really shouldn’t be a Beginner line at a
National event. Just ride the Novice line and improve. Leave all else alone just swell the numbers
would be my view.

We may have lost the battle, but we haven’t lost the war! Maybe next year we will send out a
survey and get the memberships view. It isn’t going to go away.

…..and for those that poo, poo AHRMA Trials and the sections considering them to be no more
than old men on old machines in a parade, perhaps those people might care to venture back
themselves and see, that just maybe, it isn’t quite that easy….. and some of the old men on
old iron can still get the job done and have FUN, FUN, FUN while doing it!

Tony Down

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  • 8/24/2008 7:39 PM Fred Martinson wrote:
    Well Tony, the fight to include the “modern” trials bikes has been
    going on for four or five years, I’ve
    submitted proposals since 03 or so. I don’t know what the reasoning behind their decision is, but they are missing the “golden” opportunity to bring more
    people into the sport.
    It may be that trials is the only AHRMA sport that the “modern” bikes haven’t gotten in, and the board wants to kept it that way, the way that it was back then, put your head in the sand and maybe everyone will just quit trying to change things.
    There will be a “modern” vintage class
    at the Wyoming Nationals. We may even allow the TY Yamaha mono shocks into the class.
    It may be time to approach a organization like the NATC, the modern trials national organization, about sanctioning a national vintage trials series.

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  • 8/25/2008 7:57 AM Outlaw Dave wrote:
    Great article Tony (and pics) -At a time when rider numbers are down everywhere, it makes so much sense to look at every possible avenue to encourage people to come out and have FUN. – As an organizer, I would do whatever, to get the numbers up, and if the “Powers that be” had any foresight, they would maybe run a test of any new ideas at a couple of events before stamping a “NON” on the page. – You guys definitely have my support.
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  • 8/25/2008 10:05 AM Jim Solomon wrote:
    Tony, I agree with you 100% on allowing the twin shock bikes to compete in the AHRMA events. At this point, it is really about survival for AHRMA trials. There are serious dwindling numbers that are interested in riding the old machines. Certainly the younger riders are interested in more power and lighter bikes. It seems so obvious that if you look at the number of riders at the regional events we are losing our base of new riders.
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  • 8/25/2008 7:24 PM Steve Fracy wrote:

    Reading your comments tonight,I laughed to myself as today I was thinking that if Ahmra is willing to miss out on a good situation, then I think its a perfect fit for the NATC to step up and make a new class in their Nationals. I think it would be a great fit. Now we just need you to the same proposal to the Natc! I for one would love to have a place to compete on my Fantic 300 Nationally and see how I fare!

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    1. 8/27/2008 8:41 AM robert cline wrote:
      The NATC meeting this fall would be a great time to propose a true twin shock or vintage championship.
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  • 9/5/2008 11:20 PM Steveo wrote:
    Well put Tony.The vintage bikes take a bit more skill’s to navigate ,hence the sections are a tad easier and in my mind ,simply more fun to ride.Less”degree of difficulty”(I use the other “D” word-danger)equals more fun.Its good to see so many classes for every level of ability in the US,allowing the newer twin shocks to compete can only mean that there will be more riders to share in the Fun.Its good to see healthy event turnouts and well-filled classes
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