The “Google” definition of KILL SWITCH is given as “….is a security measure used to shut off a device
in an emergency situation… “or reading further it is also defined as “….is a mechanism used to shut
down or disable a device or program”

The Kill Switch, we should all have one fitted, (see AHRMA rule 13.2.5  and now it seems so should
some members of the organization who seem to be dabbing in their own mouths or putting the mouth
in gear without using the clutch or engaging brain first and thinking things through!

The latest “dramas” come as no real surprize to me as the general discontent festers. There have
been the critics, once again bemoaning the program ( but did they have an input…? they were asked!)
and now after the program is annouced they don’t like it as, either there are not enough events in their
area, or they don’t like 2 day trials at co-located events, and are almost insisting that one day is

Just reviewing those two issues on their own merits before others come along let’s see about
point 1.

Last year Ed religiously asked members for their inputs and what they wanted……. response
nearly non existant! Looking at trials East of the Big Muddy the turnout over the last 2 years has in the
main been poor and for the amount of effort and cost to put an event on it is neither profitable or
personally rewarding if you get a dismal turnout. Many past organizers have categorically said they
will not do it again and who can blame them?

Looking at the “few” events that were planned in that sector of the country and are “currently” on the
program a couple of those are looking shakey if rumour control is to be believed. The Florida event,
only 2 months away still has no volunteer as Trialsmaster and will apparently take a lot of work to clear
sections before a worthwhile event can be put on, and unless someone, or group, come forward soon,
the event WILL be cancelled. (see Kill Switch)

Case closed!

Another rumour coming across the “ether” is that Bob Ginder’s 2 Day will still be ON, but will be ITSA
only ?…… well if management can’t resolve that issue with a long term AHRMA devotee and member
of the Trials Committee then that could kill the east side of the Nation stone dead! (see Kill Switch)

Case closed!

The ongoing clashes between Cross Country and Trials at co-located events prompted the decision
not to relive the screw ups of previous years and when the Landowner said he didn’t want a trial in
2009 you can’t blame the TC for not putting him on the program. Having been a victim of the Cross
Country cock-ups at this venue, TWICE, I can quite see that with the Landowner’s views and the poor
trials event as a result of cross country delays; the first time causing the trial not to start until 2.30 in
the afternoon and then buddy-checking in large groups until dark! Made even worse when multi
disciplined riders did not show up at the sections as they were signing in for MX. The next time the
cross country course even went through our SECTION 1 with 800 acres to play with??? The delayed
start for us then caused a loss of 2 sections to get the event completed in daylight. (see Kill Switch)

Case reopened!

This event has suddenly and mysteriously snuck back on the published program!!!!! (see ON/OFF)

Point 2, the 2 Day season opener at AZ Cycle Park, also co-located with MX, and with the off road
banquet is now upsetting certain factions as they can’t ride them all! Sorry tough luck, if you want to
ride multi disciplines then perhaps YOU should decide which is more important to YOU. To cater for
the FEW the MANY have to suffer? I know for a fact that the Wyoming contingent will only drive the
1200 miles to AZ if it is a 2 Day event, and I agreed to help and lay out the 24 sections but will only go
if it is a 2 Day…… and if I don’t go I’m sure many others will not bother either, especially if you are
faced with snow covered roads in February.
Good one! (nice application of the Kill Switch).

Case dismissed, insufficient evidence!

Now with that “Doom & Gloom” covered, and we haven’t even started the season, perhaps some of
you will enjoy some light humor and if so go to the AHRMA page and download the Handbook and of
course refer to the Trials Section of the manual. After my personal debacle and loss of Classic Expert
Title the “sages” have rewritten the rule book going to considerable lengths to put it clearly and simply
and then taking care to underline everything that has changed…..ho,ho, ..HO! Your attention is drawn to
13.3.c, 13.3.d, and for the punch line how about 13.3.e ! Here we see that you can pay for ALL the
classes you would like and in my case I could ride the Cub in Classic Expert, and then ride the same
bike 3 more loops in Prem Lightweight Expert, then come in and change to the Enfield and do 3 more
loops in Premier Heavyweight Expert ? …….. or as the verbiage says you take your score and apply it to
the other classes you have entered ????????   (see Dummy Throttle)

……. and this evening my membership has just come back from AHRMA and despite having filled out
the form correctly it is STILL stamped INTERMEDIATE !!!! what do I have to do ? Perhaps an INT/EXP
card  (with an ON/OFF switch)

Well looks like I was right and Diamond Don’s is back on with a 0900 start and Bob Ginder has
withdrawn his 2 Day and it no longer features on the program. (see OFF Switch)…… maybe we can
persuade Jim Lipscomb to slip Tooele back in there?….. what a shambles!

Sorry lads, no more AHRMA this year

…. and now just to add to the confusion another event has slipped onto the program to appease the
East Coast riders with a Trial on 19 April in Maryland, let’s hope they get a good turnout and make it

Anybody else ?


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