The last full week of bus driving is now complete so only 4 more days until the much needed Spring Break. I’m now driving in a completely snow free environment and indeed yesterday I saw my first tree in full blossom? At home the tulips are up, the clematis has started and one of the shade garden trees is in full bud. The roses are also pushing out new growth and the early spring is fully underway and of course lets not forget those bloody weeds which are back stronger than ever!



Spring is here!

So this weekend the temps will once again be in the 60’s and it will be a Gin & Tonic day with yet more pool. Brenda is a bit more determined this week so we are hoping for a qualification today. It may be a little early but it looks like a gardening day tomorrow and as always there is a ton of work to do. Seems all the best laid plans for the 2014/15 ski season have been for nothing but there is always closing day.

Sunday morning, what will the day hold?¬† Yesterday’s pool was not bad, met Bob in round 1 and after a very close game I was first on the black but with an impossible shot going nowhere. Bob is back on and cleans up and goes on to win the day. I meet Mike who has also lost his first round which is surprising as he was unstoppable at Christmas time. Its close, but I don’t make any mistakes and win.

Round 3 and another good win with a superb banked black to the center bag. Round 4 is similar and a good even game with Marty who is in catch up mode and sinks my last ball while trying for one of his. Once again the black is in a problematic position parked almost touching one of his two last balls. Even with free positioning of the white the shot is fraught with “scratch” written all over it. Only thing I can do is try an angled shot onto the top cushion and try to avoid the scratch and his ball with the black and bring it all the way down the table to the end pocket. It was close but with an non levelled table it was asking too much. One of those days, only played two poor shots but enough to let the opposition in for the wins. Oh well, always next week.


No skiing this year despite all the NEW kit

With zero skiing this year and fast rising temps time to switch over to other things and get the garden underway and prep the bikes for this year’s events. The season schedule is up, and for the first year in three I can sit back, pick the events I want to ride without having 2 months of trail cutting and section building. A bit of a shame as I always enjoyed doing it but after last year’s insults time for others to step up.








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