Oak Flats on the 77 Yam

After all the traveling of the AHRMA season it was somewhat refreshing to only have a 80 mile
drive to the start of  the Arizona Trial. I have always had good rides at Oak flats through the
years and today I’m taking the Cub as she hasn’t seen this terrain before.

I’m Ready

Nice early start and we are riding by 0830 and the loop is fairly short. Section 1 is close to the
start and if you don’t get through fairly quickly it can be a bit of a log jam.

A lot of “Body English’ from Don 2006

Today we are coming in over the opening rock and instead of turning right into the big rocks it’s
straight on up the big face and then a left turn on the top. Either side of the tree and I elect the
wider line as there is just a chance the inside line could grab the front wheel for a dab, or even a
“A over T” with the Cub. Flawless ride for a clean and on to 2.

No 2 has a daunting vertical step before a left turn so just the right amount of power to get over
the step and stay in the section, keep the turn easy then back across some big rocks keeping the
front light and then idle power through a “S” to the exit. Round the outside of the section to the
start of Carl Miller’s Section 3.

A steep climb onto a ridge then stay right just inside the tape for the descent before a wriggle
through some loose rocks to the choice of exit, either straight up and over a big rock, or go round
it over a rocking flattish slab. I take the slab, it rocks, so do I!

Section 4 is also a Miller family section with a turn through brush in soft sand then down a flight
of rock steps to a tight left turn exit. Just take care not to run the rear wheel over the tape.

Ride up the road to 5 at the base of the big hill outcrop. Simple entry but an adverse climb
across a rock crack which could end in disaster if the wheel slips then ease along the ridge to a
turning downhill exit. It rides easier than it looks.

Brian Crawford Oak Flats 2006

Bob Reese is on 6 which looks fairly simple as long as you don’t lose concentration. Very easy to
take a dab on the loose rubble while lining up for the next hazard. Simple wander through the
bushes following the trail then uphill across the big rocks to the exit.

Find Section 7 hiding up a crack in the rocks and can’t help but think that the approach would
have made a better section!  A fun ride downhill to Matt Barton on 8. This is the hardest section
of the trial and takes careful planning and the execution goes well on lap 1 and 3 but a careless
dab on loop 2 ruins a clean card for the day. This is good, it’s only 1030 and I’m finished and they
have plenty of checkers so I’ll scuttle off home as Brenda decided not to come today.

Rich Palmer

Jim Wagner “Showboating” on Eric’s 175

Jim on his regular mount Oak flats 2006

Looking at the rides today Rich scored a clean card on the little Yam and Jim Wagner, having
already wrapped up the Senior Intermediate Championship, switched back to Twin Shock and
was out again on Eric’s baby Yam for the 5th ride of the season….. I see a sale coming on here?
…… and what about Don Tropepe?   4 points????  Boy, oh, boy has Don come a long way this
year since moving over to the smaller bike. I can remember Don’s early efforts and you could see
that total look of under confidence every time a major hazard was encountered. Well that’s all
gone! 100% more determination, a definite “will to win” and a whole new outlook and the
results to prove it! For my money the Most Improved Rider of the Year. I hope he wins it, it will
be well deserved. Keep it up, and if you can’t, stick with trials riding!

Most improved Rider of the Year     Don Tropepe Oak Flats 2006

One more Central Arizona Trial (CAT) and the season will be over.

The Sage & The Steed Table Mesa 2006

The planned trial at Table Mesa for December 2nd gets postponed as it does nothing but rain
leading up to the event and washes out all the sections built and laid out by Mike Meschede
and Jim Wagner. I was looking forward to it as it is similar in terrain to the Scottish and the
thought of being wet and slippery made it even more appealing. All set to go again for December
9th, there is a change in the weather…… it gets WORSE!

Now the road has washed away and the route in is not passable so regrettably this one moves
to 2008 and will no doubt be sometime in March. Keith will rebuild the road, don’t underestimate
what a one armed man can do!

One Armed Keith


Cold, wet? snow on the ground? settle in and read Oct/Nov/Dec articles in ARCHIVES

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