Still a ton of snow

……And so after perhaps the biggest annual snowfalls for South Western Colorado in many years
and another 21″ only a week ago, and despite many, many protests from the locals, the Telluride Ski
season came to an end on Sunday April 4th 2010.

Of course the average skiier has no idea of the daily running costs of the operation but sees the
closure as a loss of his or her recreation for another year. Difficult to understand when the conditions
are still so good and the white stuff is still in abundance. I have been up there in the past for spring
skiing when there have been rocks poking through and patches or grass appearing on the lower
slopes and a lot of frantic work by the lift operators shovelling snow on the take off ramp to stop
beginners falling off the lift at the loading platform.

So we ventured out once more even though the forecast was for a windy day which neither of us
really enjoy. The wind was not blowing at all and was in fact still, so back up the 60 mile drive to
Mountain Village taking care on some of the tighter bends as the hazard is now falling rock as the
ice that had formed in rock crevices now melts and split rock tumbles into the roadside. No near
misses to report and after a couple of weeks of looking for the Hot Springs at Rico, they are now
located ! Must be a very closely guarded secret as you can’t find directions anywhere on the internet
without paying a fee!

It does exist !

The snow conditions are good and all bodes well for our last day of the year. Crowds are small
and lift wait times are minimal. Still no wind and abundant sunshine so several runs are
completed in near perfect conditions. Brenda is now working the “Big Toe, Little Toe” principle of
parabolic skiing often referred to as “Railroad skiing”. Well at least she is not “arse steering” or
driving with her shoulders so by next year she should be pretty good.

Big toe, Little toe……

Today is a traditional party day on the slopes with a full band playing at mid mountain on Telluride
Beach, special cocktails and other goodies and for locals and tourists alike its fancy dress with
outrageous costumes, some brave bikini ladies, a host of multi colored wigs and a sprinkling of
HOOTERS girls from Tuscon.

Fire hazard !

Pirates, rock stars, a butterfly, somebody from the Casablanca film set, an out of place Harley rider
and hats that would be more at home at Royal Ascot. Yes, its all here today and can only get worse
with alcohol.

Fe, Fo, Fi, Fum

Rod Stewart and lady friend

If you knew how ridiculous you ……….

“In all the bars, etc”

“I’d never wear a Doo rag on the ski slopes”

“My dear, this IS my Ascot hat !”

Can’t do a thing with it

Just everyday attire

See you in the Royal Enclosure

As thirst approaches time to go to the “Beach” for a little refreshment……… seems everyone needs
a wrist band to order drinks and of course there are a host of grossly overweight policemen on hand
to give you a DUI on a snowboard or driving skis without due care and attention.

The Band kicks off

Brenda joins the queue and after an age returns from the Outpost Bar  with refreshing beverages
where it seems some young lady has just eloped, saved a ton by not having a reception, and is now
buying drinks for everyone! Methinks a $1000 won’t last long amid this crowd with every drink
around the $7 mark. Say thank you and remember something about gift horses.

Party goers get stuck in

Not camera shy

More professional posers

The party continues with Brenda snapping all and sundry but then there comes some upper level
cloud and the temps drop like a stone and the promised chilling wind picks up. Hooters and bikini
girls are gone in a flash and with the clock approaching 4 its time to say goodbye for another year
and load up and go home.

Delightfully Tacky

Time to look round once more for the most ridiculous head gear and this is the group that made it
to the final although there were others that were equally absurd !

Jokers wild

I was feeling Horny

Chief Wanna Drinkum

The “last run” or to be more correct the “recovery” to the base of the Gondala was achieved with only
one minor slip as madam caught an edge in some slush but managed to get it together and  kept
her fall free day in one piece.

Nice recovery! for a NO fall day

As a birthday present Brenda wants the multi day pass again next year.

As a Ski Instructor I can safely say they are completely Mad! Oh well,
thats it for another year


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