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  For several years now as we have rocketted through Quartzsite Arizona en-route to events in
California and other west coast venues I have always been puzzled at to what, if any, is the
attraction for Rv’ers to this desolate location in the middle of nowhere. Is it the RV religion’s
Mecca? Why do thousands, yes thousands of RVs make their way to this awful place in late
January? Is it the RV “Haj” ?

Only one way to find out, …. go take a one time look see! Brenda does her research on the
various RV forums and after many comments on threads and a few real life phone calls we are
going to join a group for our duty weekend in the desert.

First outing of the year and we start setting up the coach only to discover that since our last
trip back in October a lot of our beautiful woodwork is starting to come to pieces as the inlays
are peeling! Much negoiating with Monaco takes place from the initial “It’s your fault”…… to
“OK we don’t want a class action law suit and we will reman and replace 14 panels at our cost”

An easy drive to the middle of nowhere and we eventually find our host and expedition leader,
Bruce who gives us the instructions and will meet us at the entrance to some piece of BLM land.
Off the freeway and now we are in the thick of it with loons walking into the road and others
making unannounced reversing moves in front of us. People everywhere and all for what?
Still no wiser!

The BLM site with RVs as far as the eye can see

Arrive at the BLM and get the lowdown and Brenda departs to get the tickets and eventually
an official arrives and sticks something on the coach. Follow the leader to the appointed spot
and we park nose in forming a star with all the coach fronts around a fire pit and a seating area.
We have the trailer to cope with all the adventures, whatever they may be with 2 trials bikes
and 2 mountain bikes should we wish to go drinking and pedalling.

All docked and set up complete with all the introductions to the new group made we have to
ask the burning question WHY ???  What is this all about??

Nobody has a satisfactory answer other than it happens every year. Oh well, suck it and see.
The evening continues with some drinking (surely not!) and just for a change I’m on the
Gin & Tonic after 3 weeks of no more than 2 glasses of wine following the nutri system diet which
at this point had lost me about 10 lbs. Various visits to everyone elses coaches are completed
and the gang arrive at ours for the evenings festivities. At around the 7 GT mark I’m having
trouble focusing on all and sundry and then as I’m told some time later maybe at the 9 point I
went to the bathroom where I fell asleep (this of course is all hearsay and not admissable in
court). I am informed our guests left circa 2100 and eventually I was persuaded to go to bed
which I nearly made unaided but failed within sight of the ENDS card!

How I saw the party at GT 9

Nearly made it

The following morning all is well and after breakfast we decide to take the mountain bikes for
the 3 mile run down to the tented display area. The ride is pretty scary as it’s single track road
with huge RVs whipping past with little or no consideration for cyclists. Passing parked Rvs
everywhere we end up at the display area and start wending our way through traders and an
amazing assortment of crap!

The Tent

Find a way in

Worthless crap abounds!

Today we do no more than buy “wonder polish” and some cooking things which Brenda just had
to have. Time to go to the bar and be meet all the other RVers……. NO BAR!    Well what do we
have for entertainment?     NOTHING!

…..ED comment: It is Sunday morning and 0630 and I look out the window, as is my want, and
lo…. there is another Heron up on the top pool. I get outside but before I can get in position he
takes off and then a SECOND HERON takes off from the other side of the pool and they fly off
in formation, do one lap of the property and depart to the north. Now this is very strange as
yesterday morning a work colleague who also has a pool said he was visited by not one but 2

“OK so what IS the attraction?”

“We don’t know but have some nibblies”

Maybe they DO know ?

I give in, let’s light the fire

 Back to the mystery, so with thousands of RV’s in the middle of nowhere we have no focal point,
no bars and no entertainment….hmmmmm! We therefore ride the 3 miles back to our Starship
and try and get a further explanation……. No, there isn’t one but now we sit around and
everyone produces nibblies and good things to drink and then the camp fire is lit and we sit
around drinking in the desert looking at the fire like druids!

Sunday we take the trials bikes back to the tented area and explore the other side of the
road which is actually a flea market with precious little in the way of things RV. We end up
buying a couple of bird houses at very reasonable prices and that completes the morning.
Return to camp enjoy a light lunch and set off for home convinced that, maybe, just maybe we
have missed something…….. or if not then this is a MYSTERY that only  Sherlock Holmes can

I give up, it’s beyond me !!!

Very interseting Watson!

Tony & Brenda        Very Confused of Cave Creek

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