My standard ride speedo/odometer

You might be able to cheat the bank, baffle people with your scams, but YOU can’t beat the Odometer! You can reset it, as I do every day, but you can’t cheat it unless you want to spend twice as long spinning the wheel.

So we start Thursday morning at 4573.54, as this year’s total, and of course I would like to surpass the 2018 (Pre Cancer) Total of 4644.30 miles before Saturday 10/31 Covid. Only 70.76 to go so I need to get on those pedals.

Not too cold, I’m early enough, still some of that Easterly wind, but I’ll crack on regardless and my targets keep changing the further I go. Finally decide to turn round at the 8 mile point where the miserable bastard used to live. In my earlier days on this mission this younger man would  pass me going in the opposite direction and never once in the 5 years I’ve been doing this ever raised his hand in recognition that I was there or gave the slightest indication of good manners with a cheery wave and good morning salutation …….. what a rude shit !

A double back just past the Dolores River RV Park nets another 2 miles on smooth roads and I’m back in town around 20 miles to the good. As time is on my side another 3 by the school and the morning finishes on 23.52    Out again with the intention of making it 30, the body says “I can do this”, and the day finishes on 38.30 and the grand now stands at 4611.84 with 2 days left to crack 4644.30  +0.1 !

The Shit Show Scam gets handed over to the Sheriff

Friday morning, report the SCAM to the Sheriff’s Office and they advise doing absolutely nothing …… so that’s what I’m doing! Out on the road, and perhaps a little chilly, but not too bad for the end of October so another 20 up the hill to Mr Nasty’s house and back into town where the School is having ANOTHER day off so I have perfect access to rack the numbers up to 25.48 before lunch.

Almost !

Another good afternoon and the miles just keep piling up and the day finishes on a very happy 40.38 taking me into NEW territory as the 4644.30 is now history and I’m at 4652.22 and still 1 day left in the month.

DONE IT ! champers please

Prime objective achieved, champers delightful, and overall very pleased especially with a spare day at my disposal and a stiff weekend of mountain climbing for the professionals in the Veulta.

Chris Froome on his “Pretty Bike”

Seth Kuss, I was hoping his team would let him go for the KOM today but so far no move and only 2 big hills left!

Eventually and with much frustration got the Beemer on Auto Trader for a 2 month block. Also got out there, post Veulta, for a token effort 20.57 which gives me 4672.79 for the year and quite surprisingly giving me 752.13 miles for October !





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