The clock ticked over and the magical number was recorded and 65 goes into the books with all it’s benefits! …. now at last I can get half price ski lift tickets, order off the back of the menu, park in senior
citizen slots and claim my bus pass…….. just a minute ……. I’m the bus driver!

Joy of joys, a bigger magnifying glass for the workshop, a stronger set of “readers”, less teeth to
brush, more notepads (lest we forget), zimmer frames and hoverounds everywhere, and a ton of
walking canes to fall over.

Well I suppose there is some good news in so much that having paid into a very small pension fund that was started when I retired from the RAF it has finally matured and is supplimenting funds. Staying
on that side of the Atlantic I’m now eligible for my UK Old Age Pension as I’ve paid National Insurance contributions since the age of 17!! Yet another load of forms and hoops to jump through but the deed
is now done and cemented after I sent them my “original” birth certificate to prove who I was and that
I’m still alive and kicking and paying UK taxes.

With any luck this new found income will allow me to mount my worthy charger once more and ride
into battle on the Ahrma circuit in 2012 (before the World ends) and get back to some serious arse
kicking after the one year trials sabatical!

So beware, you varlots, Sir Antony rides again and is much determined to vanquish all ye foes
aboard his trusty mount of “No Excuses” and his number two horse of “Bullet” who may yet be
given her head. Let the jousting begin!

“No Excuses” charges on at the Battle of Milliken

“Bullet” brushes all aside in the Sands of Sandia

…….and lest we forget there is another beast, currently resting in a Denver stable, which may also see
the light of day in 2012, none other than “Superglitz”. Last crusaded at Sandia in 2008 by Grand Master
Mick Andrews this all conquering mount may return to the Battlefield where it reigned supreme.

Let the Red Cross strike fear into all

Superglitz wins the “Grail” in 2006


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