Grass is cut awaiting the arrival of Scuffy

What’s to do with a non sea worthy boat?  Answer plant it in the front garden and use it as a bar! It will henceforth be named as a bar and now becomes “Scuffy’s at the Cozy” we won’t be having live bands but there may be music and drinking of course, and some foretell of Santas and much lighting later in the year with a mass of presents in the stern.


Scuffy is loaded and sets off for her final resting place

Step 1: reverse boat and trailer onto the lawn and park by the driveway wall. Drink heavily! Consider other options overnight before moving to Step 2.


Let’s think about this ?


Drink heavily

Step 2: remove the strop from the front of the boat and add 3 more ratchet straps and secure around the convenient Maple tree and back to the boat anchor points.


Stern lashed to the Maple

Step 3: attach faithful Cadillac and drive slowly forward (the car that is) while the boat, hopefully holds still, as the trailer is extracted from her underside ….. a bit like a landscaping dental procedure.


I hope this works


Gently does it


Heave ho me’ heartys


No stopping now ……


Scuffy in dry dock

Step 4: contact Casey and get an estimate for 10 tons of river rock to hold her level while Jon Taffer from “Bar Rescue” attends to décor and seating arrangements.

While I wait for Casey, Brenda goes shopping and I’m back on weeding the “Cone Bed” and  “Rose Bed” surround. Lunch comes and goes and an interested party shows up and asks if we want to sell?  His offer is where we want to be and he is off to see his father. Casey arrives and we talk river rock and dollars and then father and son team arrives talking much vintage boat jargon and soft transoms etc………. they have until 1000 tomorrow or Casey gets the rock order.

10 o’clock comes and goes and Casey gets the call for Rock! While I wait for delivery, either today or tomorrow,  I fit the tilt bins in the workshop and set about loading same with all manner of hardware items.



My “No1 Birthday present” arrives and more wheel fitting and she looks good as the prime toolbox for bike duties and 2 day events… thanks Brenda…… luv u !



Just as I’m wrapping that up the mighty chug of a 10 wheeler heralds the arrival of the river rock …….. little heavy with the loader some might say and by my knowledge of 10 wheel dump trucks I’m thinking about 16-17 tons to be hand positioned before Sunday!!!


Just what I wanted


Crawdad traps are off on a trial run as one of our local Vets, Doctor Jenny, has volunteered to do the “Crawfish Boil”. Both traps in the water at Puett Lake where my previous Crawdad supply came from a few years ago.


Let’s see what happens

Back to Scuffy and aspen logs are hammered in around the keel and she is now almost level. The engine was dug out and maybe someone will buy it……. at least there is some interest.

Lunchtime Wednesday, and now armed with more tools of the garden variety I’m ready to hammer in more aspen supports and then start on the 17 tons by hand!

Quick check on the Crawdad traps and they produced much bigger mini lobsters than Groundhog Lake but smaller in number. Will try a test run in the Dolores water and see what that produces.


Not too bad

The forecast monsoon storms arrived last night and everything is pretty wet this morning as we come to the 3 days to go banner. All the wood was fitted under Scuffy yesterday so if I’m lucky I should be able to start playing rock laying if the rain holds off. Forecast is more rain (heavy) for the next 2 days!

It spits with rain and drizzles a bit but nothing serious to deter the ardent boat planter. The untidy mess of wiring looms gets stripped and snipped and the mega heavy leads and controls to the throttle box also have to go.


Wiring not required in the BAR!

Whoever the shade tree mechanic was who did the electrics to the throttle did not get my vote!! Finally box and rods + electrics all removed and rock work begins.


Not good!


I’m glad WE didn’t use this

Brief interlude to replace the crawdad traps back in Puett lake and then collect the bike with the new forks and more rock laying until 2000 hours.

Friday, only 2 days left to complete this project. Day starts wet and miserable but I MUST have a hair cut and lose this mountain man image. Over to Puett Lake and another 75 Dads join the party but sadly 15 of their friends have died, drowned, or suffocated awaiting the boil. 2 more nights to see how the final total goes, currently 127 alive and well.

Of course it is now raining, well I guess I was lucky yesterday, but faint heart etc, so back to the grind. Got about 1 hour in and killed 2 wasp nests living in the brick wall but then it suddenly opened the heavens and I’m forced inside for either an early lunch or a change of plans and maybe the final clear up in the workshop?

30 mins later and the sun is back out and its hot and humid. Stack some of the red brick retaining wall that Brenda dislikes and start again …… 3 bricks later and more wasp nests and I’m out of spray! Off to the Dollar Store and rearm for the next battle as I’m sure there are more.

Back to it and as I suspected another 3 nests under these red bricks. I come down one layer on the wall which was badly rebuild by the clown that drove over it a few years ago. Wall redone, minus wasps, a walk through created, and the old rotten railroad ties removed.


Ready for the NEW layout

The right side of the boat gets its rock stacking and with the rear already done there is just a chance I could complete by this year’s deadline.


Lowered  and rebuilt wall…….. first rocks go in

The border of the Scuffy Zone is laid out and multiple wheelbarrow loads of sand are moved from the pile which never seems to get any smaller. Colored rocks are identified and will have a special use later in the project.

See what happens in Part II








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