Another dose of this ?

Another wet day for Saturday but the forecast is not quite so bad, they tell me the going is easier today
but the sections are harder! We will see, so now a question of what to wear to endure the worst that
Scotland can dish up. Waders and lifejacket perhaps?

Breakfast is good and the coffee very welcome and the thought of yet another day on that BSA fills the
mind. Still a 20 mph wind coming off the loch but the rain doesn’t seem quite as hard so lets hope for
the best and get down to the start for my earlier departure at 1026. Brenda is coming today and will go
round with Dick and Lyn if she can keep up with the long distance power walkers.

….and the band played on

Parking as before and see Mick Andrews who says his arm is playing up after yesterday and he is
giving it best today and several others are also not starting for reasons various. The start point has
changed today so once ready its over to the school and the sound of the Pipers who are lucky to able
to play in a brief respite from the atrocious weather. Start time comes and I’m away with the first
section of Pipeline again.

The route card

Time we were leaving

Pipeline once more but a little less crowded this morning and once again “Slapshot” has the situation
under control and I blast up the hill in the rain once more. Not quite sure whether the front wheel was
in 2 before it spun to a stop but I think I will have to give this best this year! Coming back down was no
easy task in the wood which is now decidedly hard. Back into town and this time turn left for some
sections on the south side of the loch.

Garbh Bheinn is nothing like I remember and scrabble through here and on to Cnoc a Linnhe which is
really chewed up and tricky to get into. Sail through 1 & 2 and it even looks like I might clean 3 until it
rears up  and nearly castrates me before stalling.

Cameron Hill is next and stop in the bottom sub with a big clang! The top where Jack Knoops has the
camera in action goes better until the very top when once again it rears up and I’m dragged through to
the ends card.

Still Raining !

Thanks Jack! Nice action shot

Camas Na Muic is the same as yesterday but the moor is worse although I find a good line through
the bogs to get across the burn at the bottom. A better attempt at the first sub but a stall in 2 doesn’t
help. Don’t you just love Amal?

Back into town to now take on the big loop to the north of the loch  before the up and down of Callert
Pass. A fun up hill ride over the rocks and cobble steps of the walker’s trail which is in full flow with
hikers and spectators going who knows where. They probably think we are just as nutty riding bikes
up a mountain.

Mam Brec wasn’t bad for a dab but Mamore was awful much to the amusement of long time friend
George Greenland who isn’t riding this year.

Coire Dubh goes well with a clean and an “Oh so nearly” 2 in the top sub but  somewhere in here
BSA’s kickstart spring decides to quit and the pigging thing is getting even harder to start and is
getting difficult to keep running……. moral here, USE YOUR OWN BIKE!

Stob Coire Eirghe and Sleubhaich are disasters which I will not recall but the BSA and I are not
getting on at all well and its getting embarrassing to say the least. More thoughts of other bikes come
to mind, but we are getting near to the end and I know exactly where I am riding down the Mamore
road and I can remember the way up to Callert Pass although we used to do it coming the other

Over to the long uphill goat track and the 7 sections of Callert dotted up the track at various heights.
The trail is like one long continuous section with slippery rocks placed at exactly wheelbase length on
a narrow slippery one foot wide track. Callert Cottage at the bottom of the long hill started well with a
nice precise clean, a 3 prodder and a clanging wheelstuck 5!

The mud, rock goatrack over Callert Pass

Top of Callert with the Mamore road running back to Fort William

A quick stop to take pictures as the weather has actually improved and there is a chance the sun
might just break through to round off the day. Callert Pass Lower and at last a double clean through
the ruts and rocks, however Callert Pass Upper with some very short sections is a real pain as it stalls
twice on sections I was expecting to do well on. Never mind continue up and over the mountain and
begin the long, long, treacherous descent back down to the Kinlochleven road.

Off the top and it gets steeper over that ridge

I’ve been down here many times in the past and remember a couple of nasty bits so with the finish in
sight time to take care and arrive in one piece. Come across a couple of souls with problems and a
Press rider who is having a real bad time getting up a very steep ridge with his Cub. He eventually
makes it running alongside on his third attempt and now its my turn and the BSA does it almost like a
real trials bike! Holding the line down through the bogs I’m finally back on tarmac for the nice bendy
ride along the loch. Beesas best misfires and pops so I back off a little to keep her running.

Finally the last group at Lower Mamore with 1 hour in hand for 2 subs and a 1 mile ride to the finish.
Brenda, Dick and Lyn are all here and the sun is shining at last. Well these sections are more what I
was expecting and there is a fair chance I can actually do these without making an arse of myself as
long as the BSA doesn’t chuff to a stop. Through the turns, bike goes exactly where its pointed, the
engine runs smoothly and with the kickstart dragging in the water I sail through for a very satisfying
finishing ride, culminating in a controlled wheelie on the exit!

This is how the sections SHOULD be ! T-Rex and the Beesa on Mamore

Into the finish, battered and sore, but not beaten! It has been done after a 31 year layoff but perhaps
not what I was expecting. Very hard section wise and nothing, save for Mamore that I can remember
riding in the 70’s let alone Pre 65. Would I do it again? Well maybe if I had the bike of my choice, on
a BSA ? No, I don’t think so! As always another superbly organized event from the Edinburgh Club and
a truck load of memories to savour.

Thanks for the memories

Parked and tired the T-Rex BSA waits for it’s long drive to it’s new home in Spain. I will forever remember
the “stance” as I look at the momentos of a very wet Pre 65.

The Classic BSA “stance”

The finisher’s spoils


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