Turning the corner, halfway into November, only one more week of driving …… and then a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving. The nice weather we have been enjoying is set to change and this Thursday the high is down to 37F with overnight temps at 19F and SNOW in the forecast.

Today means I had better set about the garden and cut the Russian sages back around the waterfalls, throw out the last of the annuals and make ready for Christmas decorations. Tuesday is my “decs” shopping day and hopefully all the lights and extras can be acquired and then all the annual testing of lights and the frustrations that always go with that task! “They were working when I put them away” and every year, as ardent decorators will know, the bloody things refuse to come on or have an annoying stretch that won’t illuminate so I’ll have a few spare sets available and cut my losses.

The Cycling Gods have been kind to me on the weather front so with 1990.26 miles already in the books I’m fairly certain that I will hit the goal of 2000 before Christmas. Today also marks another significant hurdle, in that Brenda and I, have been SMOKE FREE for ONE YEAR.

No pool today, F1 from Brazil, Moto GP from Valencia, and the Broncos trying to redeem themselves from last week’s lack luster performance. Telluride’s T Cards purchased yesterday, and today our favorite breakfast venue is sadly closing as the owners are moving.

The week is done! As the forecasters predicted it snowed like hell on Thursday morning and driving into a blizzard in the dark was anything but fun!


Thursday morning!

Bitterly cold Thursday night with a low of 14F and a daytime high of 42F.¬† Slightly warmer last night at 22F. No matter, more Christmas goodies collected and ready for this week’s layout.


Lights and things!

Santakins¬† were taken out of their boxes and plugged in and all seem to be in good working condition…….. Oh, and by the way she likes them.


A new applicant for the “Driver” position suddenly popped up on the Bay and was snapped up and is on his way.


Our new driver for Scuffy

So, it on starts tomorrow (Sunday) with a mega clean up of storm damage branches, dead annuals, and rose bed trimming to make ready for cables and then build some houses for spotlights and lasers.


The Russians need cutting back


Got to remove those leaves

The Russians were cut, roses trimmed, and branches removed. The mega piles of leaves were blown to Kingdom Come and the ground is now ready for the art work to begin for this year’s ambitious set of Christmas decorations.


Ready for those Deer


“Let it blow, let it blow”


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