The current “output” from the Lucas Mag

What we need to power the Bullet

The Lucas Racing Mag is removed from the Oilfield and has crossed the pond to undergo
intensive surgery. First reports from the Doctor who examined the patient state that there are
two different sets of points for these wondrous pieces of memorabilia ….. one set is tungsten
and should be for road bikes, the other is platinum and is the correct one for trials applications.
It appears some shade tree has changed them and I had a half and half with one piece in
tungsten and the other in platinum……not good apparently. Also the modern silicone pretty
wires were too modern for our 1940’s technology.

Another Dead Mag

That’s the progress report apart from the jaw dropping cost of “platinum points”……..$120!!!!!
However they sound as though they know what they are doing so now that the UK long Easter
holiday is winding down maybe the armature will be winding up so I’m fairly sure it will not be
available for Diamond Don’s and just maybe it will have it’s first US competition at Perris in mid

No more of this!

A Brilliant Blue Flash

So in the interim its back to polishing and replace the decompressor along with the new fuel
cock, which I’m assured won’t leak and takes a better run to the carb and is out of harms way
from the exhaust. Not much more I can do to the beast as I have no electrics ……..?

The New Decompressor with the TOO small hole

Fit the new decompressor after wrestling with the top clip to release the spring and it screws in
perfectly but, wait for it, the hole where the cable goes in is too small for the nipple! I’m trying
to remember the last item that fitted first time without having to be “slightly” modified.

New petcock with a 90 degree feed

The new petcock went into the tank and looks like it will work but as with most Enfield things
tons of space everywhere else but in the critical zones all on top of everything. Well I do have
yet another petcock if this one doesn’t work out.

…..and so I wait for the day when by surprize a Lucas Racing Mag will light up my workshop
and just like biblical times he didst say “Let there be light…… and lo, you could see for
……king miles!”

Alone in the sea of Vintage Royal Enfield darkness!

Tony Down

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  • 4/7/2008 5:12 PM Fred M wrote:
    What’s the status on the RE? Did you
    ever get the mag back and the bike started? Would a electronic system offered for the “RE’s” work with your bike?

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  • 4/18/2008 8:37 PM Steveo wrote:
    Hi Tony,finally put my new rubber on the TY,it works great,thanks to you,I now know the difference that fresh tires make,now if I could only figure out how to freshen up my riding abilities,first trial,I finished in the middle of the pack.The weather’s nice here,humming birds are back and I’m overwhelmed by the number of projects,stacking up around me,like getting a garden together,putting a custom deck onto my ride-on mower,building a new woodshed,cutting fire wood,running the sawmill,putting an addition onto the guest cabin,c/w running water for my trials destination vacation plan,looking after aging folks,building a sauna,taking time off for the odd trial ect.Hope that it’s not getting too hot down your way yet,all the best to you and Brenda,Steveo
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